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Covid enforcement and penalties

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soloula Wed 05-Aug-20 20:45:19

Should there not be stronger powers available to allow enforcement of restrictions - I'm thinking businesses here, and particularly pubs in light of what's happened in Aberdeen and elsewhere. We know the economy needs things to open back up but we also know that certain situations are higher risk. Should more onus not be put on business owners to ensure that restrictions are being followed. And temporary closures, signage on the windows etc imposed until they can meet them. I'm a small takeaway owner myself and already have to show due diligence for environmental health procedures. If you have rats in your kitchen you get improvement notices put up. Why is it different for covid? It fucks me off that there are photos all over Facebook of crowded pubs and nothing seems to be getting done apart from pleas for people to be sensible. And the sensible businesses are now penalised and shut alongside the ones that weren't following rules. Hardly fair when everyone's struggling atm. This was why I hated group work at uni. There's always one that doesn't pull their weight and spoils it for everyone else. I know environmental health have been tasked with some of this but they are already snowed under. Would it not be worth creating dedicated local teams to try and keep things open and the economy moving? And give the public more confidence that businesses are taking things seriously.

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soloula Fri 07-Aug-20 13:43:40

Looks like this is what NS is introducing in Scotland now. Announced at the daily briefing today that covid guidance for hospitality will now become mandatory. Didn't hear her say who will enforce it and when this will start from but a step in the right direction imo. Businesses have public health responsibilities that are enforced already so makes sense to also include covid restrictions in these.

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