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Eyebrow threading

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Crimples Wed 05-Aug-20 15:40:42

Passed one of those beauty bars in shopping centre today, lady threading someone’s eyebrows - one end of the thread in her mouth, thread running under her visor and the other end being used on the client confused
Surely that can’t be too sensible right now??

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DebLou47 Wed 05-Aug-20 15:44:11

Most of them are on the verge of closing their business's and are desperate I think the salons are far more hygenic than pubs !

DebLou47 Wed 05-Aug-20 15:44:54

Saying that I think threading is one of the most risk one especially with the thread in mouth

Crimples Wed 05-Aug-20 15:49:06

Yes it was the thread in the mouth bit that made me think tbh.
I mean, I know that’s how they do threading normally but I imagine that it’s not the best idea from a hygiene point of view

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TriTriTriAgain Wed 05-Aug-20 18:34:16

I thought treatments on the face weren’t currently allowed? confused

Though they were doing face painting at Legoland a couple of weeks ago...

sunshineandshowers21 Wed 05-Aug-20 18:39:23

if you want a treatment on your face and are willing to accept the risk then you should be allowed. so many of my friends that are beauticians are really really struggling atm. and most of them have done specialist covid training and will know how to their premises super clean. i don’t see how a quick ten minute eyebrow wax is anymore risky than sitting crammed in a pub for hours with no social distancing (as most pubs in our area are).

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