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Pregnant NHS staff?

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Bobojangles Sun 02-Aug-20 20:39:38

Anyone else pregnant and an NHS clinican? It's very early days for me (5 1/2 weeks) but our trust is asking that we inform them early due to covid - bit nervous about it

I mainly work outpatient but am popping in and off the wards most days too. I want to stop seeing these inpatients but not I can ask without it being weird for my other colleagues

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karmasic Sun 02-Aug-20 22:18:23

I don't know sorry, but I have heard and I'm sure you have too that Covid is more dangerous for pregnant women than was first thought back in March.
Can you speak to HR or your manager confidential?
Pregnancy is not a new or unusual thing, I work for a tiny company and 'we' have had 4 babies in the last 4 years.
Your workplace I hope will adapt your role so you are not front-facing, and hopefully your colleagues can cope.

Foreverbaffled Mon 03-Aug-20 08:30:37

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m an NHS nurse and have been working from home since lockdown started. I was 5.5 weeks at that time myself and my trust did not want me to take any risks. I feel enormously privileged that I have been given this option as the official guidance says that pregnant NHS staff can still work in face to face roles until the third trimester when they are encouraged to work from home and up social distancing. I’m 23 weeks now and won’t be returning to the office until after my maternity leave. This is very sad as I love being amongst my colleagues but essentially need to prioritise the baby and my own safety.

The evidence around risk of Covid in pregnancy on the whole are encouraging but they do go up in the third trimester. As I work in mental health it has been relatively easy to work from home. I appreciate other NHS roles may not work in the same way.

Tell work, do a risk assessment but if I were you I would be doing out-patient only. Good luck smile

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