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Which countries are making masks mandatory and which are not?

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epythymy Sun 02-Aug-20 14:51:38

Just curious really. I have seen a lot of threads about how many of the other European countries have made masks mandatory. I know that Norway, Sweden and The Netherlands haven't and I understand Spain has. Possibly Italy? But what percentage of European countries have vs haven't? Is there any noticeable difference in their cases/deaths?

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ScorpioSphinxInACalicoDress Tue 04-Aug-20 00:05:04

For Italy it's now only mandatory in closed spaces if the shop owner/manager, or whatever wants you to.
We wore masks everywhere for 4 months + and tbh, most people still automatically wear one.
If cases rise, it will become mandatory again I suppose. Quite rightly.

45redballoon Tue 04-Aug-20 00:07:48

France is. My parents live there and masks are mandatory in shops and enclosed public spaces

CoffeeandCroissant Tue 04-Aug-20 00:42:14

120 countries according to this (from a few weeks ago, so might be a few more now)

CoffeeandCroissant Tue 04-Aug-20 00:48:08

notimagain Tue 04-Aug-20 06:44:26

France is. My parents live there and masks are mandatory in shops and enclosed public spaces

Plus an increasing number of cities/large towns/communes are making mask wearing mandatory even when walking around outside, moving through open-air markets etc.

MooseBeTimeForSummer Tue 04-Aug-20 06:47:21

Some major cities in Canada are, together with small tourism towns such as Banff in the Rockies. It’s neighbour, Canmore, follows this week.

AgentProvocateur Tue 04-Aug-20 06:52:31

Mandatory everywhere in UAE, apart from when you’re in the pool/sea and when you’re eating/drinking. We put them on to go to the loo etc in cafes/restaurants though.

Mummaofmytribe Tue 04-Aug-20 06:58:00

The state of Victoria in Australia, mandatory since yesterday

0DimSumMum0 Tue 04-Aug-20 06:58:23

Hong Kong is now mandatory in all public spaces in or outside. We even have to wear them when we exercise, hike run etc .... so basically everywhere.
To be fair the government have only just legislated it but the public have been wearing them here on their own accord since Covid first broke out in January.
The government have issued all households with reusable masks, 1 each through the post.

bibbitybobbitycats Tue 04-Aug-20 07:36:46

Not mandatory in Wales, except on public transport.

tinytemper66 Tue 04-Aug-20 07:41:07

Public transport only in Wales.

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