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Anyone had to do their child's test?

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BastardGoDarkly Tue 30-Jun-20 21:21:04

I'm worried I ballsed it up.

About 6 seconds in back of throat, and 10 up the nose.

I'm waiting for results (did it 7pm yesterday)

Did anyone else not have a totally successful time, and still.get a result?

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1Bobbinwinder Tue 30-Jun-20 21:56:58

Just to cheer you I did my best and got an unclear today. So will repeat tomorrow. Bloody nightmare.

BastardGoDarkly Tue 30-Jun-20 22:17:53

I've literally just got negative result through.

Thank god!! I've got hair appointment Saturday grin

Best of luck with this one Bobbin

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 30-Jun-20 22:18:55

My little one (5) has been invited to do the research. I'm dreading it!

ChittyChittyBoomBoom Tue 30-Jun-20 22:24:14

I took my dd (7) for a test last week. She refused to do it 🙄. We eventually managed to persuade her but the lady at the test centre says she didn’t think there’d be enough sample.

Knowing I couldn’t return to work until she’d had a negative result, I went home and booked another test straight away.

Both tests came back negative so I guess there was enough sample on the first test after all!

BastardGoDarkly Tue 30-Jun-20 23:39:45

Bernadette do you have to go? I wouldn't go through it unless I had to! Its not pleasant, and my DD is 9.

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ILoveAnOwl Tue 30-Jun-20 23:47:15

I've done my son and I today. He refused the throat, but I did both nostrils. Really hoping it was enough. I've got mine back and it was negative, still waiting on his though.

Startyanodealstockpile Wed 01-Jul-20 01:10:18

I didn't realise the kids test was the same as the adult one, up the nose and back of the throat. Ffs, I'll never get DS to do it and they'll be compulsory, won't they.

Lesat Wed 01-Jul-20 01:23:59

My child is 8 and has been invited to do the test for research, so i asked my child if they wanted to do it and they said No.

CaptainMerica Wed 01-Jul-20 08:19:29

This fills me with dread. If I need to do this to my 3 year old every time nursery send him home with a cough or a temp it is going to be horrific.

LethargicLumpOfLockdownLard Wed 01-Jul-20 10:29:43


My child is 8 and has been invited to do the test for research, so i asked my child if they wanted to do it and they said No.

Same, my DD is 10 and didn't want to do it. Having done it myself (bloody horrible and I'm a nurse!) I'm not making her go through that unless actually necessary (if she's ill or exposed).

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