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Supermarkets and the 2m rule

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Borgmann Tue 30-Jun-20 16:10:42

Huge queues today in the rain at both my local supermarkets. As of Saturday, will supermarkets be relaxing the 2m rule and letting more people in? As the 2m rule is being relaxed.

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Redolent Tue 30-Jun-20 16:12:26

It’s 1m + mitigations, no? So they can let more in but people should wear masks.

JacobReesMogadishu Tue 30-Jun-20 16:15:49

I’ve been told by a friend who works in a supermarket no plans yet to change anything. Govt said aim for 2m where possible and where not possible then 1mplus. Which I think has been done for the benefit of. Being able To get kids back to schools and people in pubs and cafes to save the economy. 2m is still possible in supermarkets.

Soubriquet Tue 30-Jun-20 16:18:03

So far no indication

Regarding the rain, I work at one of the big 4 supermarkets

When it’s raining, they actually go out and give people an umbrella to use whilst queuing which I thought was a nice gesture

TabbyMumz Tue 30-Jun-20 16:25:22

It's still 2m where they can and only 1m where they cant with mitigations like a doorway. So I dont think this means they can suddenly let more people in?

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