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What happens if you like in Leicester if you’ve booked a hol abroad for next week

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Mostpeculiar Tue 30-Jun-20 11:44:29

Just thought of it

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Mostpeculiar Tue 30-Jun-20 11:45:18

Live in not like in sorry

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Haveheart Tue 30-Jun-20 11:46:35

Don’t know, we’re in this position and hoping they have thought about this so we get some advice urgently!

SleepingStandingUp Tue 30-Jun-20 11:48:02

Why Leicester?

Babyroobs Tue 30-Jun-20 11:48:25

I'd like some clarification on whether we are allowed to leave the area. My Ds has been home from Uni but has now been unfurloughed and needs to go back to his Uni town to go back to work. Not sure if it's allowed?

paddlingwhenIshouldbeworking Tue 30-Jun-20 11:53:53

I would think work would clarify as essential but a holiday not, but I have no idea how they're are planning to stop anybody. They could potentially not lift the foreign travel advice for people from Leicester which would make any insurance invalid if people travelled anyway.

I don't think other countries would take kindly to us sending them people from a known local virus hot spot just for a holiday.

Seriously though, who knows ?....

okiedokieme Tue 30-Jun-20 11:55:42

They are requesting no non essential travel. There's nobody stopping you leaving. If you need to go to work you can, holidays are trickier and they would need to ensure people were compensated so I suspect that they will not prevent you going. I would get a test 2 days before you fly if you have any reason to suspect you could have it

Haveheart Tue 30-Jun-20 12:02:47

I was selected for the anti body test which was negative. I understand if we can’t go I guess it’s whether we’d be eligible for a refund. My friend is supposed to be going away to Dorset on Saturday. I guess she can technically leave but will they turn her away? Will they let her cancel or move the dates? Shouldn’t be surprised but they’ve left lots of unanswered questions

Limpid Tue 30-Jun-20 12:04:57

Wherever you live, booking a holiday abroad just now is crazily irresponsible.

Keepdistance Tue 30-Jun-20 12:05:11

The tests only work from maybe 2 days before symptoms.
But you could have caught it 2w or more before.

Ideally people should be turned away from airport if youve booked tickets from a hotspot postcode

Mostpeculiar Tue 30-Jun-20 12:24:00

I’m guessing from everyone’s replies there’s no official guidance as one of you would have linked it, how on earth are people booking hols without it!!

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Rowgtfc72 Tue 30-Jun-20 14:40:02

Not abroad but we were due to visit a holiday resort in Cornwall. Theyve just announced people living in the affected postcodes will not be welcomed.

frozendaisy Tue 30-Jun-20 15:47:59

Sneak out under the cover of darkness.....would be my suggestion.

doyounothavegoogle Tue 30-Jun-20 18:34:37


Why Leicester?

Do you not have any access to news?

Choice4567 Tue 30-Jun-20 18:37:44

@doyounothacegoogle I was just thinking the same!

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