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Will schools be informed of children are on the shielding list?

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Woodlandtree Mon 29-Jun-20 19:44:46

DS (yr7) was told to shield near the start of lockdown.
Over time data has shown that he wasn’t at as much risk as initially thought, children taking his level of medication no longer need to shield. We were informed about a month ago by his constant but DS is still on the government list of shielded people. We have never received a free food box but the supermarket slots that came with being on the list were invaluable (we don’t use them at the moment)
DSs condition can change very rapidly and there is a large chance he will need to shield again over the autumn/winter if there is a second wave, it will be easier to keep him on the list so we can access help quickly if he’s shielding again.
I am really keen for him to go back to school in September but worry that if the school see he’s officially shielding they won’t let him back or we remove him from the list and then it will take a while for supermarkets to start offering spots again.
Do the schools know who’s on the list or do they rely on parents telling them.

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Llamazoom Mon 29-Jun-20 20:02:27

Are you sure you want to risk sending a shielding child back to school?
I would wait until nearer the time and then decide what would be best for him. If my child had been advised to shield I probably wouldn’t send them back and would homeschool. In this instance I would put health above education. There’s 2 months until school starts, in your position I would watch and wait before making a decision.

Didkdt Tue 30-Jun-20 07:36:10

I think they are sifting through conditions so if your consultant doesn't think he should be shielding he may come off the list.
The slots are aimed at shielded and highly vulnerable and certainly are due to stay when shielding is paused so that should be ok as well.
Schools can handle immuno compressed pupils so you may find they can put strategies in place.
All of that said who knows where we will be in September so maybe just wait

Uhtredswoman Tue 30-Jun-20 07:42:23

Not at the moment - we are relying on parents telling us.

It's been virtual parents' evenings this week and some parents who have been in contact on the DLE, child engaging well with home learning offer etc have only just told us!

@Didkdt is right that schools can and do handle immuno compromised pupils on a daily basis. I would open a dialogue with them now as they may require further medical information to feed into their risk assessment for your DS's return.

PotteringAlong Tue 30-Jun-20 08:03:45

Shielding will have ended by August so that won’t be a thing - you just send him to school with all the up to date medical information that you normally would.

Uhtredswoman Tue 30-Jun-20 08:43:43

@PotteringAlong while for personal reasons I VERY much hope that's the case, shielding is pausing, not ending.

Spikeyball Tue 30-Jun-20 08:53:44

Ds was put on the shielding list but has been in school throughout because on balance it was in his best interests. We told the school he had been put on the list but all agencies have said it was our decision to make or that they agreed with us. He is not the only shielded pupil that has remained attending his school.

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