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London Zone 1 travel

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Jocasta2018 Mon 29-Jun-20 09:27:57

Here's a call out to all the London commuters that have travelled & walked around in Zone 1 this morning!

I travel up to London once a month for health appointments. Usually I get train & tube to my destination.
In lockdown, I've been arriving at Waterloo and getting a cab to & from the hospital. The roads have been empty & the cab journey has been easy.
I've got to go up today for my monthly appointment. I'll be travelling up around 4pm-ish & leaving around 7pm-ish.

Can anyone tell me what the roads have been like in Zone 1 rush hour this morning? Have there been traffic snarl ups or is the traffic still lighter than normal?

Obviously, being a wuss & no longer a hardened commuter, I would like to avoid the Tube. However if the roads are chaos I could walk but it's a bit of a trek from Waterloo to Marylebone & I'll have to leave home earlier.

Many thanks!

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SquirmOfEels Mon 29-Jun-20 09:34:21

Would the 139 bus route be any good for you? Cheaper than a cab and way nicer than the tube. Not used during peak hours, but you can't pack people in like sardines, so you may have to queue for longer.

Roads are pretty busy, so I'd allow normal traffic levels for journeys (not everyone going in, but more people using cars)

Tube is variable, off-peak can be creepily empty. None of us have been on it at peak times, so don't know what it's like

Boris bike is the other possibility

Jocasta2018 Mon 29-Jun-20 10:48:19

I've used the 139 before so might give it a try.
I walked down Regents Street to Piccadilly Circus at the start of April and there were a few cars and literally no-one around.
It was very unnerving - I remember thinking that if something awful happened to me, there was no-one there to hear me scream (gulp)!

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Jourdain11 Mon 29-Jun-20 12:45:15

DH went to a training day near Baker Street this morning. I just messaged him and he said the tube was virtually empty in what should have been rush hour (Picc / Jubilee) and the roads look quiet around Marylebone.

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