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One more try-challenges

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Alakazam8 Sun 28-Jun-20 21:46:11

I posted once before about this- I’ve been setting little (Optional) daily challenges for my friend who recently lost someone close to her, things like find a funny meme that really makes you laugh, paint your nails etc.- the feedback on here last time was does she really want to do them?? which I understood totally.

However I was going to stop after today as I have run out of ideas for more- but she sounded really disappointed about it. Does anyone have any ideas for little distractions for someone who is going through a tough time? Thanks

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Dancingbythelightofthemoon2020 Sun 05-Jul-20 01:55:07

Make a new smoothie
Find a joke that makes you laugh
Watch a van life video about escaping the rat race
Look for a wild flower
Identify the clouds by name
Spot a butterfly
Paint nails in a new way
Buy an audiobook/book
Discover a new podcast

Dancingbythelightofthemoon2020 Sun 05-Jul-20 01:55:54

Ps you're an amazing friend!

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