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Possible Covid symptoms or hayfever?

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MrsVMorgan Sun 28-Jun-20 21:20:36

I would welcome any outside perspectives on this situation please.

Person A and family have been shielding since March. They don’t go out and get their food delivered. They always wear gloves when unpacking. Food is all quarantined for atleast 3 days before it is used.

The person delivering person A’s shopping 8 days ago had a cough. They coughed once when person A was beside them (they were outside the house but in a small area by a wall).
Person A then went inside and let the driver unload the rest of the shopping (where they could be coughing more).
Person A believes they were not around this person long enough to catch anything - less than 30 seconds they say, and were outside, albeit in a fairly small area.

5 days after this, person A developed pain in their sinuses around their cheeks and a runny nose. They are assuming hayfever as they pollen count has been very high and they suffer with sinus issues anyway.
They also have swollen glands on one side of their neck and an intermittent mild temp up to 37.7. None of the other symptoms listed such as loss of taste and smell, cough etc.

They are still shielding so self isolating with their family anyway, so no risk of spreading anything to others.

I just wondered what others thought...would it be possible to catch covid that way? The time spend with the person with a cough was minimal, and there’s nothing to say that he had it anyway, but person A has had no contact with anyone else outside the family so couldn’t have caught from anywhere else.

MrsVMorgan Sun 28-Jun-20 21:21:17

Could be HEARD* coughing more.

VanGoghsDog Sun 28-Jun-20 23:43:45

If they usually get hay fever, and considering they have practically no Covid symptoms, why don't they take an anti histamine and see if it helps?

RomaineCalm Mon 29-Jun-20 00:00:32

Take an antihistamine or whatever they usually take for hay fever and see whether the symptoms go away.

If they are unsure, the advice is to get tested and I would suggest they do this.

It may be hay fever but if it does turn out to be Covid at least they can then trace the potential source.

If it isn't Covid they can hopefully stop worrying.

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