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3rd day in a row with zero deaths in Scotland

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Crimples Sun 28-Jun-20 14:07:42

And only 8 new positive cases today.
Feeling optimistic that we might just be on top of this now 🤞

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Redolent Sun 28-Jun-20 14:09:04

Great news! Hope you can keep this up over the summer and be on track for reopening schools full time in September.

Crimples Sun 28-Jun-20 14:10:36

@Redolent our schools go back in August, so we have less time but fingers crossed!

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Redolent Sun 28-Jun-20 14:11:56


*@Redolent* our schools go back in August, so we have less time but fingers crossed!

smile even better

NoRoomInBed Sun 28-Jun-20 14:12:01

Its great news. Orkney and the isles have reported no new cases in weeks too.

Belindabelle Sun 28-Jun-20 14:13:26

Schools reopen on the 11th August.
I expect cases may rise with more shops opening from tomorrow and the 5 mile travel restriction being lifted from Friday. Hopefully any increase in cases will be slight and easily monitored.

Crimples Sun 28-Jun-20 14:13:42

7 day rolling average of new cases is now 11.4

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Crimples Sun 28-Jun-20 14:15:45

That’s the thing @Belindabelle, now that our transmission rate in the community must be very low it should be possible to target any outbreaks much more easily. Feel really positive that we seem to be getting a grip now

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Belindabelle Sun 28-Jun-20 14:24:16

I have to say I do think Scotland has played a blinder here.

Say what you like about Sturgeon, and I have said plenty in the past, but she has been clear and consistent in her communication with the public.
The public have responded amazingly well and have followed the information given. Seems to be paying off.

Crimples Sun 28-Jun-20 14:41:47

Absolutely agree @Belindabelle there’ll be those that will criticise her regardless but I think she’s handled an immensely complex time with common sense and compassion

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CaptainMerica Sun 28-Jun-20 14:54:35

Agree NS has done a good job. The communication around schools by Swinney was woefully bad, but in the end, I think what they have wound up with is pretty good.

It seems very likely that schools will be back full time, and if they need to switch to blended learning schools all have a clear plan now on how to manage without too much chaos.

Hopefully the businesses which are now starting to open back up will be able to stay open for longer without any backtracking, than if they had opened up earlier.

Crimples Mon 29-Jun-20 12:44:05

4th day on the trot now... 🙏

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Didyeaye Mon 29-Jun-20 12:47:35

It’s really good news. Not so long ago if felt like things would never get better.
I always make a point to note this this great news doesn’t detract from the horrible past few months the or the deaths or suffering of individuals and families (I’m not suggesting anyone here has said this btw) but yes it does feel like we can start to be more optimistic!

ICouldHaveCheckedFirst Mon 29-Jun-20 14:26:25

Finger crossed the downward trend continues.

Why does Wales have almost as many deaths as Scotland, with a significantly smaller population - population density? Different behaviour? Something else?

MarshaBradyo Mon 29-Jun-20 14:26:49

That’s great

LizzieMacQueen Mon 29-Jun-20 19:01:39

Aren't you a little bit worried that opening up tourism will result in an uptick in infections? I hear self catering places in Scotland are selling out presumably to quite a few travelling from England.

Crimples Tue 30-Jun-20 09:44:49

Yeah it is concerning but what can realistically be done? There’s no possibility of closing the border and Scottish tourism would die on its arse without visitors from elsewhere.
Just got to hope that the numbers are low enough that new outbreaks can be swiftly dealt with.
I’m not convinced that the New Zealand way, ie. batten down the hatches entirely, is the way to go in any case. Can’t help think that’ll store up problems for the future, I mean at what point do you open up again, if ever, if a vaccine doesn’t materialise?
Our world has changed so much now that it’s virtually impossible for countries to be completely self serving

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