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I feel so anxious

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Wingsofadragonfly85 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:33:59

I’ve been ok until now but just the last week or so I can feel the anxiety really starting to hit. I’ve had anxiety before, about three years ago, but had managed to more or less shake it off. Now it’s back, that lurching, heart racing, feeling sick sensation is back and I can’t eat or sleep.
Dh is talking about booking a Uk holiday in August and I can’t cope. I’m too worn down and tired to sort out going on holiday. I’ve had no time away from my children for 14 weeks - I know a lot of people are in this boat - and I feel like I can’t breathe. Someone wants something every five seconds and I’m constantly sorting out minor problems and squabbles all day long.
There’s no point to this post really, I just feel so worn down by it. I can’t imagine life ever going back to ‘normal’ and even if it does I feel like I’m already operating at a massively depleted level.

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bellinisurge Sun 28-Jun-20 09:39:20

I'm sorry you feel so rubbish. I'm not very good at suggesting fixes other then trying to find small personal victories to get your confidence back.

sucha Sun 28-Jun-20 09:48:42

Yes it seems to have caught up with me this week. We’re praying our July holiday gets cancelled so that’s on my mind.
MIL invited us to a Xmas event and it made my stomach drop. I just can’t think that far ahead!

Wingsofadragonfly85 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:53:22

I am finding I can only cope with today. I can’t think about holidays in August and I’m struggling with getting the children ready for school in September. I feel like it’s suspended reality, like a state of limbo. Even a UK holiday feels stressful.

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frozendaisy Sun 28-Jun-20 10:05:49

I felt like this 8 weeks back, almost couldn't be bothered to make a lunch. It does pass. I ended up reluctantly starting a medium DIY project and after that burst of actually doing something adult that improved our home life I began to see light through the clouds. Distraction basically.

PumpkinPie2016 Sun 28-Jun-20 11:29:38

I'm sorry you are feeling so rubbish sad it's hard when you are surrounded by the same few people in your house all day every day. At least normally we can go to work/school etc. and see someone different and have a different conversation.

Can you get out for a walk on your own? Maybe find somewhere doing takeaway coffee as a treat.

Not for everyone but I have taken up running again during lockdown and it's been really good for my mental health. Just having that space to myself.

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