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Babies and toddlers social distancing?

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hayley013 Wed 24-Jun-20 00:02:21

So it's announced that children can stay over with grandparents and that family and friends can provide childcare...does this mean that for those of us with babies and toddlers who cannot social distance, nothing is really changing?

Will you be allowing your young children to have physical contact with family?

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DidSheReallySayThat20 Wed 24-Jun-20 00:48:14

My dd doesn't distance she's a toddler so almost impossible.
My DF is our bubble and she's stayed there 3 times since. Of course she can't distance or my DF can't distance when she's been on potty or toilet. Needs her teeth brushing or hair brushing.
She also played with her toddler friend yesterday us adults kept Distance.
Altho we did draw the line at them keep trying to share their juice bottle

Meredithgrey1 Wed 24-Jun-20 05:44:54

My DD (12 months) goes to nursery and there is obviously no social distancing between the children and each other or the staff. If a child is not going to nursery and has healthy grandparents, I don't see why it's more dangerous for the grandparents to hug the children and provide childcare than for nursery staff to hug my DD and provide childcare.
Obviously you'd take individual circumstances into consideration eg what jobs the parents and grandparents have, does that increase the risk etc. but one of the staff at DD's nursery looks about the same age as my mum (mid fifties) and it just doesn't seem reasonable that she can look after a group of children, but another woman in her fifties can't look after a grandchild.
I understand that we should all still be avoiding unnecessary interactions but if a child needs childcare, that has been deemed necessary enough to open nurseries, so it is surely also necessary enough to allow a healthy grandparent to provide it.

Catastrofuck Wed 24-Jun-20 05:53:49

I have already allowed physical contact. No one expects distancing with tiny children so it’s whatever risks you and grandparents are comfortable with.

Bol87 Wed 24-Jun-20 08:26:53

I’m not distancing my daughters. I think you make a choice. Maybe I’m breaking the rules but I think it’s cruel. In my group of friends, we’ve all had a frank discussion and agreed we’ll obviously distance as adults but our children play together. And if they come to talk to another adult, we let them. But we don’t hug or hand hold other kids. And my family & in-laws have agreed as well. They’ll hug if our children go in for one but we’ll encourage leg hugging! And my children will play with their grandparents. I’m off to visit my in laws when allowed & we’ll be staying for 10 days (they live on the coast so hello holiday & childcare!). If any of us have it, we’ll pick it up from surfaces or just being in the same house for 10 days. A few hugs isn’t going to change that is it really? As adults, we’ll sit a metre apart naturally and try avoid each other in the hallway I suppose!

My mum is shielding & even she’s now said DD can come & play alongside her in the garden. We’ll be chatting to DD & explaining she can give leg hugs & mustn’t hold Nanny’s hand. My mum has said she’ll wash her clothes, hand & toys once we’ve left.

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