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No news on gyms opening

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cyclingmad Tue 23-Jun-20 13:34:53

Anyone else feeling a bit deflated that there is no news on when gyms are going to reopen.

Before anyone says exercise outside like walking and cycling, I already do those but I still miss th weight machines and swimming.

I know alot can be done at home but since spend quite alot of time in the house from working I just want my gym to go exercise in, a different building and environment.

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HarrietOh Tue 23-Jun-20 13:37:40

I'm absolutely gutted! I go to a locally run gym too, so was hoping to see everyone again.

picklemewalnuts Tue 23-Jun-20 13:39:23

I use my gym's hydrotherapy pool to exercise, and the saunas and steam rooms to soften tight muscles. I miss it- I'm stiff as a board! I'm not keen to go back until it's a bit safer, though.

VioletCharlotte Tue 23-Jun-20 13:39:55

I'm so disappointed! My gym has been posting updates and videos about all the measures they've put in place. I'd feel much safer there than in a pub. Surely health and fitness should be prioritised?

JoyDivisionOvenGlovesx Tue 23-Jun-20 13:41:03

Yeah I’m a bit sad about it.

It seems I need to be shouted at by an instructor in the same room to actually do any exercise.

Deelish75 Tue 23-Jun-20 13:41:50

I'm missing swimming too and was wanting to hear something today, hoping it's an oversight and there will be more on website later.

B1rdbra1n Tue 23-Jun-20 13:42:13

The alcohol and pub industry is in a better position to put pressure on the government to allow them to start trading again
that can be the only reason
How can it be ok to go into a pub but not use a gym 😳

Torvi Tue 23-Jun-20 13:45:04

I feel the same OP. Walking or exercising at home doesn't cut it for me.

Plus I have a new job lined up at a fitness centre when it reopens.

CathyorClaire Tue 23-Jun-20 13:46:56

Saw an article on hotel gyms where the suggestion was to install persex screens between the machines. I can't see why something similar alongside pre-booked slots and an onsite cleaning team to wipe down the equipment between users wouldn't work.

CathyorClaire Tue 23-Jun-20 13:48:22

perspex FFS

Persex sounds a bit niche shock grin

WaffleCash Tue 23-Jun-20 13:50:53

The article i read seemed to specifically exclude gyms and swimming pools.

I'm sure it's the economics of reopening pubs rather than any scientific reason. If i'm going to bet on who is more likely to comply with social distancing measures i'd put money on the gym goers over people consuming alcohol!

rainbowscalling Tue 23-Jun-20 13:51:20

I was hoping DD could start back with swimming lessons soon. My brother also runs a PT business. They are running outdoor classes within guidelines at the moment but with not knowing how long the good weather will last this isn't a sustainable option for those who work in the industry.

Darcydashwood Tue 23-Jun-20 13:52:12

This is awful for the fitness industry. But hey as long as you can go the pub eh!

UntamedShrew Tue 23-Jun-20 13:52:50

Same. I’m desperate to go for a swim...

cyclingmad Tue 23-Jun-20 13:53:06

Yeah I've tried doing it at home was good for a while but I've lost my way. I love cycling and do it for fun, but as it's now the thing to do to stay as fit as possible its lost the 'fun' aspect. It's like better fo out cycling for a few hours to maintain weight ...uff.

I think perspex screens and cleaning team is right way and limit total number of people allowed in. Or extend opening hours if possible.

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cyclingmad Tue 23-Jun-20 13:55:27

I only like doing sprints on treadmill otherwise I have running. If I could only afford to have my own gym at home and a pool 😂

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Paranoidmarvin Tue 23-Jun-20 14:26:33

I have enjoyed not having to pay for it. I go to David Lloyd and I scrimp and save to go there but I love it. So I’m gutted that I can’t go back swimming and use the gym. Sigh. My dieting will have to keep going 😂

AllTheUserNamesAreTaken Tue 23-Jun-20 14:28:51

I’m really disappointed as although I’ve been exercising at home and via zoom classes, I’ve really missed the weights room.

cyclingmad Tue 23-Jun-20 14:34:49

How much difference is there between the gym and going to the cinema and sitting in a room with other people for at least 90mins if not more.

Gyms could limit numbers and have cleaning too hmm

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Jjcrackers Tue 23-Jun-20 14:38:48

I am so so gutted...the gym is my release.

But also for all the lovely gym instructors at my gym. Some are trying to earn a living online but it is difficult with all the free Insta workouts. Also many are spin instructors and not many people have a spin bike.

AgeLikeWine Tue 23-Jun-20 14:42:54

It’s frustrating, but not surprising. Gyms & pools with shared changing facilities and shared equipment are a complete nightmare from a social distancing and virus spreading perspective, so they were always going to be among the very last things to re-open.

Srictlybakeoff Tue 23-Jun-20 14:43:24

Gyms are higher risk because people are breathing hard and fast during exercise, moving around and touching equipment . It’s also humid.

Newschapter Tue 23-Jun-20 14:49:55

Gutted here too.

We've been doing zoom classes from home but it's not the same.

In the gym you're there, focused and ready. You're getting a break from home, kids, pets etc...

But on the zoom classes I'm fighting with the dog for my exercise mat and if the postman arrives during the class I hear nothing the PT says over the dog barking grin

My gym has also been posting videos of the measures they have taken to ensure safety when we return, they've made a lot of changes.

It's a small private gym and people book in for sessions, it's very easy for gyms to comply with guidelines if they were able to open!!

countdowntonap Tue 23-Jun-20 15:14:43

After running over 400 miles since lockdown, plus walking, and exercise back at home, I’m going crazy with exercising along. Plus motivating myself is so hard! I miss spin classes.

Rainbow12e Tue 23-Jun-20 15:20:39

Mid July they are now saying

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