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Haven’t heard of “Local Lockdown” for a while...

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QueenofmyPrinces Tue 23-Jun-20 09:20:55

I live near two towns where the rate of Covid infections and Covid deaths are rapidly increasing again. It was discussed on BBC news yesterday and one of the hospitals that caters to both towns is being investigated. A local Care home has had 21 positive test results over the last few days alone: 19 are residents and two are staff.

So when does local lockdown come place?

This was something that was at one point spoke about quite frequently at the briefings, told that it would happen if high numbers of infections and deaths started to climb again in specific areas etc - yes these two towns are carrying on as normal.

I’m guessing I’m just wondering how bad things have to get before local lockdowns are put into place?

Or even if they will? I’m wondering how serious the Government were when they were talking about implementing it..

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WinningEveryDay Tue 23-Jun-20 09:28:54

Sounds like its just the hospitals and care homes that need locking down.

cathyandclare Tue 23-Jun-20 09:47:07

I think they are doing local lockdowns in the care homes/ meat factories that are having the clusters. Then tracing contacts and isolating everyone. It's only if it spreads in the community outside that they'd need to lock down villages

Deelish75 Tue 23-Jun-20 10:09:40

I thought local lockdowns were when outbreaks were pinpointed to institutions such as hospitals, care homes, workplaces, schools and colleges, travel hubs etc. Those would be closed down and everyone told to isolate and give details of any contacts. For the travel hub they would probably put out an appeal for anyone who had been through it - they need to get this app up and running pronto.

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