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BT Man Panic

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Chmorgs Tue 23-Jun-20 09:16:05

I’m living at home with the parents at the moment and no one has been in our house since the start of lockdown.....till this morning when the bloody phone lines cut out and BT had to come in the access. My anxiety is next level and I’m terrified we are now all at risk. The technician does have a flimsy surgical mask and gloves on but that’s about all the protection he has been given. What do you think the chances are now of us being at risk? I’m not coping well at all.

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Finfintytint Tue 23-Jun-20 09:19:09

Unless he’s going to lick your face, very little risk. Let him get on with it and stay in another room. Wipe down surfaces after he’s gone.

Mrsjayy Tue 23-Jun-20 09:19:53

I am sure you will be ok what kind of protection do you think he would have ? Wipe everything down once he goes if you want but I'm sure he will be Corona free and you get your phone line up and running.

heartsonacake Tue 23-Jun-20 09:21:33

He’s wearing the correct PPE. Your “risk” is here is little to none.

With all due respect, with that level of anxiety, you need to see a GP as soon as possible.

supercalifragilistic123 Tue 23-Jun-20 09:22:37

That's the same protection (bar a plastic apron) that staff working on a covid ward are given... I think you'll be fine.

IHaveNoHair Tue 23-Jun-20 10:27:40

I had to have a gasman in last week. He was here over an hour and went in every room of the house doing his work. We both wore masks and I kept my distance and once he had gone I disinfected the whole house, everything I thought that he would touch. I was knackered but so far so good. I am doing ok.

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