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Do you think Boris will mention weddings tomorrow?

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Coffeeandteach Mon 22-Jun-20 18:11:43

Tomorrow Boris is going to talk about the next steps for reducing lockdown. I hear so much about relaxing rules for pubs, restaurants and theme parks but nobody ever mentions weddings (first world problems).

In the 'Our plan to rebuild' document they published last month, it said small weddings would be considered from June. But then they altered the document and deleted the part about June.

I wouldn't even mind if the only mention was to say they won't be happening for x amount of months and they'll re-valuate in Spetember because It would mean then I could actually postpone my wedding. But it's just being ignored and couples are stuck in limbo.

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Ohjustme Mon 22-Jun-20 21:59:11

I hadnt realised there had been no chat of weddings down south. In Scotland we can now submit notice of marriage, there can be up to 3 households attending but maximum of 8 guests and it has to be outdoors and likely this will start from the 29th June. Phase 3 will see a relaxation of guest numbers. I so hope so because I'm due to be married end of July with 13 guests!

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