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Bring back fractions, all is forgiven

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elliejjtiny Mon 22-Jun-20 13:01:16

My younger 3 dc's primary school sent out a letter at the weekend saying it was going to be health and fitness enrichment week this week instead of the usual maths, English etc. Woohoo I thought, a break from trying to teach fractions and grammar. Until this morning when I checked the school website and we have to do a sponsored walk every day this week, some other sports activities which need loads of space we don't have and then sports day via zoom on Friday. We haven't been out since we went to the post box in April. My year 1 child has autism and tries to run into the road at any opportunity. My year 2 child has learning and physical disabilities which means he is either constantly falling over or in his wheelchair. I also have a year 4 child who isn't disabled.

I think I'd rather do fractions to be honest! I'm tempted to do a sponsored dance in our living room instead of the walk using the videos on YouTube that our local disability sports club have put up. I've already been told off by the year 2 teacher for adapting my 7 year old's work to suit his needs though.

I just wish I could be one of those parents who confidently post on mumsnet of facebook , saying they are going to be doing baking, crafts and focusing on their children's mental health and ignoring whatever the school ask them to do. Instead I'm trying to teach maths to a child who doesn't understand it, sending photos of my dc dressed like a pirate/wearing red/wearing sports clothes to the school when asked and worrying about getting into trouble because my dc haven't done a sponsored walk.

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RedCatBlueCat Mon 22-Jun-20 13:06:33

Stuff school this week. Its half-half term for you this week.
If it doesnt work for you, dont do it.

TheDailyCarbuncle Mon 22-Jun-20 13:07:29

As far as I'm concerned, teachers can't refuse to let my children back to school then expect me to do what they tell me to do. I do what I can manage with my children and that's it. My children's school did a whole song and dance about a sports day last week and I messaged and said 'I can't work full time and run a sports day. We won't be participating.' I can set them some bits and bobs to do for a couple of hours a day. I can't play teacher and run events. If they're so keen for children to participate, how about letting them participate in the actual school where they should be?

They can fuck off.

rc22 Mon 22-Jun-20 17:03:35

I would see contact the teacher and say that you do not have the room to do these activities and so you will be doing your own thing. If the teacher tells you off again, ignore!!

0v9c99f9g9d939d9f9g9h8h Mon 22-Jun-20 17:04:44

You need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

ohthegoats Mon 22-Jun-20 17:42:50

As far as I'm concerned, teachers can't refuse to let my children back to school then expect me to do what they tell me to do.

Teachers had no input to the decision.

OP - don't worry about it, I'm a teacher and my child did almost no homeschooling at all - no time. It doesn't matter. Do a danceathon. For fun.

elliejjtiny Tue 23-Jun-20 11:26:00

Thankyou. We did some dancing yesterday and today my 6 year old has gone into school so we are going to have a go at going on a short walk later. My 7 year old's teacher has said he can go back to school 2 days a week from next week so I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

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