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Wales - 5 miles

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MumandnotMum Sun 21-Jun-20 19:07:02

Who is sticking to the 5 miles without fail?

I’m trying not to be ‘rules don’t apply to me’ about this but I’m just wondering what other people are doing.

Not visiting shops, or relatives. Haven’t seen anyone outside my household but wondering how bad it would be to get a change of scenery and travel 7.5 miles for a more rural walk!

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MelindaGordon Sun 21-Jun-20 19:11:04

I am. It’s sooooo dull.
But we have met up with friends for SD walks locally and sat in gardens having a SD chat since that was allowed which helps a bit.

MumandnotMum Sun 21-Jun-20 19:21:20

Are you sticking to the one house or just whoever now?

It’s so hard to know what to do. Everyone else seems to be risk assessing for themselves for I’m a stickler for the rules!

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JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 21-Jun-20 20:06:22

We've stayed within 5 miles most of the time, and never further than about 8 miles. But we are lazy grin We've met friends once, when it was allowed.

I think Mark Drakeford's doing a good job tbh - suspect he's not going to get much recognition for it though.

Daffodil1967 Sun 21-Jun-20 20:08:12

Yup, stayed within 5 miles of home. I consider myself very lucky that I have a garden. I’m also within 5 miles of a promenade.

Daffodil1967 Sun 21-Jun-20 20:09:11

Sorry, “staying” not “stayed”.

CeeJay81 Sun 21-Jun-20 20:13:07

I have, I've stayed within about a mile or so. I don't drive and cant go on bus/train unless it's essential. So maybe in a week or so I might go on the bus. My choice of shops is extremely limited here and my daughter needs shoes. So I'm hoping thats an ok reason to use the bus.

Destroyedpeople Sun 21-Jun-20 20:15:31

I go 8 fact I went 65 miles the other day to see my daughter and her baby.

Muddywellies10 Sun 21-Jun-20 20:16:29

We are very rural. Have travelled 11 miles to a town I normal work in (currently working from home) and which I consider 'local to me', which is where my parents live. Have done this twice since permitted and sat in their garden at a distance. The guidance is clear that in rural areas people may consider locations further than 5 miles to be local to them and that that is acceptable. We are on a peninsula - there isn't much that is accessible within 5 miles that isn't sea! Apart from visiting my parents we are going beyond 5 miles (probably 7) to pick up shopping, no large supermarkets closer! Sticking to the 5 miles for exercise and walks.

Hugglespuffed Sun 21-Jun-20 20:19:57

Judging by my Facebook, no one. I am originally from Wales and desperate to see my family, I am waiting until at least the 6th July or the weekend after that. I'm just over the border. The town I am from is about 30 minutes drive to the nearest beaches and nearly everyone who lives there on my facebook have been putting photos of them on the beach.

DBML Sun 21-Jun-20 20:23:48

Not at all sticking to it.
I’ve been across the bridge to Cribbs Causeway shopping, occasionally ‘pop to’ CostCo Bristol and I generally take a long drive to the Asda in Cardiff Bay, even though I have one within a 5 minute walk of me. I’ve had a guts full of Mark Dripfeed and the whole lot of them.

welshweasel Sun 21-Jun-20 20:26:18

We’d been sticking to it other than work (20 miles for me, 80 miles for DH) until this weekend, when we’ve been to see MIL and my parents (separately, outdoors). I get what he’s trying to do in terms of stopping hoards of people on beaches/up snowdon/outside Primark, but grateful he’s made it ok to visit family from tomorrow.

MumandnotMum Sun 21-Jun-20 21:11:25

This is what I mean. I haven’t seen anyone and wouldn’t see anyone beyond the 5 miles so I can’t see how it’s harmful for me to drive just a little bit further for more opportunities. My DS is supposed to be starting nursery in September and it feels like the clock is ticking!

Very first world problem, I know. But I’ve stuck to the rules to the extreme so far. I won’t be nipping to Primark tomorrow, put it that way!

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BertieBob Sun 21-Jun-20 21:17:53

Pretty much. Our supermarket is about 6 miles away so we've broken it in that regard about once a fortnight. Otherwise we only go for local walks from our house and never go for more than about 1.5 miles and I have a very reluctant 4 year old.

BrieAndChilli Sun 21-Jun-20 21:22:38

The town with the kids secondary school, our doctor and dentist and supermarkets etc is 6 miles away so been going there throughout. Our village only has a tiny post office so we can’t walk to a nearby supermarket. Other than that we have stuck within the 5 miles for exercise etc. Met a friend and her kids up the woods twice. We are lucky though that we are rural so lots of walks nearby.

sanityisamyth Sun 21-Jun-20 21:34:39

Apart from taking DS to see ExH (we meet just outside Chepstow) I've barely been out since March. Only very local supermarket trips.

BestIsWest Sun 21-Jun-20 21:37:52

Sticking to it. DD lives 50 miles away and I’m longing to see her. Won’t be too long.

HairyToity Sun 21-Jun-20 22:30:09

I've not stuck to the 5 mile rule as been to see family who live 30 miles away, and also drove to a walk that was 8 miles away as DC wanted to go looking for fossils. However I've only met up with family outside, and generally been very cautious.

Honeywort Sun 21-Jun-20 22:36:50

Have been sticking to it - we live within 5 miles of the border so we are allowed to go into england, so have done that twice to drive to a walking location. Otherwise all local and mostly on foot - only Used car for smkt trips.

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Mon 22-Jun-20 14:49:18

The regulation is to "stay local". The 5-mile thing isn't a regulation. Mark Drakeford said precisely this the other day (I think it was Friday morning but could have been Thursday morning).

He then quoted a scenario whereby your parent lived over 5 miles away. He said that if they don' need food (as neighbour does the shopping) and they don't need meds (as pharmacy drops them off) but are suffering because they haven't seen anyone in 11 weeks, then you can go and visit them on compassionate grounds.

So 5 mile scenario is a myth, you just need to "stay local" and he suggested you use yiur judgement on that.

110APiccadilly Mon 22-Jun-20 15:19:45

I'm sticking to stay local. Hate it with a deep and abiding passion, but I can take it for 2 more weeks. Local's not 5 miles for us though - we couldn't get to the shops within 5 miles.

LockdownLoppy Mon 22-Jun-20 16:06:09

We have stuck to the rules but plan to go a bit further tomorrow - 13 miles to have a walk along the seafront. One of my kids has severe learning difficulties and walking along the roads is difficult, we can have a safe walk along the wide prom. It's also my DH and other dc birthday tomorrow so it feels like we need a treat!

tbtf Mon 22-Jun-20 16:38:59

I have done apart from for my grandmas 93rd birthday. She's very lonely so I met her in her local town square and took her a thermos of tea and scones with clotted cream. It really lifted her spirits.

She lives in the town I work in 40 miles away so a bit further than the rules but still within my normal daily travel if I wasn't wfh... that's how I justified it anyway!

Charlottejade89 Tue 23-Jun-20 08:38:11

Weve been further than 5 miles, we live in a small village in south wales valleys and theres not even a park or walking trail locally without going to the next town so weve just been going to different parks and walks etc just abit further out. We are planning o going to breacon on Thursday to enjoy the nice weather

U8myufo Tue 23-Jun-20 08:50:41

I don't think many people here are sticking to it. I've been staying local ish but frankly all shops are over 5 miles away. If you drew a 5 mile circle around where I live all you'd get is forestry, hills and a few small hamlets.

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