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Anybody on two weeks self isolation ?

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Shanghaisue Sat 20-Jun-20 12:37:42

Health care professional. Inadvertently came into close prolonged contact with a patient subsequently diagnosed with covid. She had previously tested negative so I was wearing basic ppe - surgical mask, gloves, apron. Happened last week so still on the lookout for symptoms. Felt ok generally then last night in bed had a few coughing episodes out of nowhere for about 30 mins, dry tickly now gone, felt shivery this am but temp normal, again gone and feel ok. I've coped with lockdown reasonably well psychologically despite being on the frontline, wearing full ppe and caring for some very ill covid patients. I've got mild asthma and take medication for slightly elevated bp so theorectically at a slight risk but I've just got on with things. This however has really thrown me. I'm not frightened just feel bloody depressed, even a bit weepy. Kids (teenagers) are with their dad and coping well but I just feel I've lost all purpose. Just wondered how others felt in the same boat.

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OrDis Sat 20-Jun-20 12:39:40

I think if you’ve had the coughing and a bit of a shivery temp you should get yourself a test now OP. May as well know if you have got it.

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