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Still no news or a plan for reopening in September

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EmpireFa11 Fri 19-Jun-20 06:39:28

Just a big cheque for “tutoring”.

Who is going to be doing it? The best qualified are already working in schools. Those not will have limitations on knowledge re present methods and curriculum. How are they going to be trained and CRB checked in their droves?Who is going to be assessing for need?

Wouldn’t it be better to spend the money on getting children back into school.

I’m asking because none of these questions will be asked or answered at the briefing.

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ElizabethMainwaring Fri 19-Jun-20 06:42:22

Yet another announcement with no prior planning or consultation.

EmpireFa11 Fri 19-Jun-20 06:44:20

Half of tutoring I’ve seen isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

How are they going to ensure quality?

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ElizabethMainwaring Fri 19-Jun-20 06:46:17

What Johnson has suggested is actually what I already do. I teach KS3 children reading skills so that they can access the wider curriculum.

ElizabethMainwaring Fri 19-Jun-20 06:49:10

I am a qualified primary teacher with 15 years TA experience.
I'd love to know that the government are planning to make schools safe to open.
My husband is extremely clinically vulnerable, and as much as I love my job, I am scared.

Ickabog Fri 19-Jun-20 06:53:11


Yet another announcement with no prior planning or consultation.

It's becoming a common occurrence.

Barbie222 Fri 19-Jun-20 07:08:00

There have been tutor support schemes before, I expect he's doing something which has a semi structure in place to make it quick and cheap. I think parents perhaps didn't have their expectations managed well here.

EmpireFa11 Fri 19-Jun-20 07:22:10

So how does it work? How do they assess for gaps and then liaise with schools? Who is checking quality? When is it going to be done? What tech? CRB.....

They couldn’t roll out a successful app after a big announcement so how is this going to be any better?

And why are they still not focused on getting all kids back in schools? Where is the money for that? Most of us would preferred our children taught by their experienced and qualified teachers.

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LorenzoVonMatterhorn Fri 19-Jun-20 07:23:43

The government really is A shit show

NOTANUM Fri 19-Jun-20 07:30:17

All I want is a small amount of online lessons with some work set that is corrected and feedback provided. It hardly sounds like rocket science but seems to be beyond our outstanding secondary school.

All this talk of tutoring is nonsense. Just focus on getting the same kids who are doing Tiktoks together in the park into the classroom, along with their teachers whom I keep meeting in supermarkets, garden centres and in people's houses for drinks and BBQs.

Every doctor I know is very keen to get the kids back to school. 1500 paediatricians put their name to a letter saying that this week.

EmpireFa11 Fri 19-Jun-20 07:39:07

I know this is just a diversion( money, time, attention and resolution).

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MNnicknameforCVthreads Fri 19-Jun-20 07:42:47

No prior planning or consultation. Tick

Shit show. Tick

Diversion. Tick

I’m fuming.

EmpireFa11 Fri 19-Jun-20 07:48:55

Meanwhile Boris struts around waving his arms at pretty multi coloured smoke in the sky.

Shit show doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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cheninblanc Fri 19-Jun-20 07:50:29

I'm so upset, nothing for my year 9 dd who is average. Won't be anything for her as she's not vulnerable or struggling so she's left alone again with no socialising or routine or proper learning

Barbie222 Fri 19-Jun-20 07:54:45

I'm going to go against the grain here and say that it's not all bad. Most of the tutors are teachers. I did a lot of tutoring under an older similar scheme with disadvantaged pupils when I was part time. If I was still part time I'd consider it again and I expect many teachers will. It's tailored to the child, who the teacher can get to know, and can be done 1:1 or in small groups. It's pretty flexible and has lots of impact. I am not really sure what else the government can promise at this stage. Since we opened to a limited number of children, numbers of outbreaks in schools have risen to be half the numbers of outbreaks in hospitals. Thats from PHE.

There'd be tons of threads on here moaning either way if schools opened without any social distancing, let's face it. Look how much pressure there was to close schools in the first place and how much hysteria. We all want to go back to normal in all areas of life, but right now it's not possible without risking another epidemic and the Government well know how fickle the voice of Mumsnet is. Not often I support what they do but here I think they've not made a bad decision.

TimeWastingButFun Fri 19-Jun-20 08:09:56

I haven't seen this on the news, are schools not opening in September now? Can someone please kindly post a link for me?

MarshaBradyo Fri 19-Jun-20 08:15:55

Tutoring £350m and £650m for schools to decide.

I don’t know if it’s enough to make a difference and I hope it improves the situation.

I would really want all children in school in September

MarshaBradyo Fri 19-Jun-20 08:17:52

I haven't seen this on the news, are schools not opening in September now?

‘Clear intention will be back in September but safety at heart and cautious approach’ R4

PotteringAlong Fri 19-Jun-20 08:19:27

The education minister was just on radio 5 and said categorically that all children would be back at school full time in September, but then did backtrack a bit when pushed about social distancing.

MarshaBradyo Fri 19-Jun-20 08:19:43

Just typed as I’m listening.

No guarantee but not an announcement that they won’t.

I want them back in too

CountessFrog Fri 19-Jun-20 08:23:27

I’m a bit confused about how they will decide who needs it.

Because it sounds like another situation where middle class, mainstream educated kids lose out. Privately educated won’t need it, disadvantage groups targeted.

Lots of children have suffered a lack of education, not just the disadvantaged.

Reminds me a little of the way our labour council built several new leisure centres and playgrounds but built precisely nothing in the wealthier boroughs and allows our local pool to rot away. They surely can’t assume that kids in these areas don’t need/deserve facilities too.

Mumteedum Fri 19-Jun-20 08:30:02

I could scream in frustration at this news. My son doesn't need a tutor. He needs to be in his class with his teacher and his peers. It's not the maths or the gove obsessed grammar facts he is missing. It's how to feel part of the world.

He's an only child who is alone a hell of a lot because I have to work. It's just us two. He's tearful so much now. I am really getting worried about him. He's 8 and has asd. Cried yesterday because his new teacher for Sept was announced and he realised he wouldn't have his current teacher ever again. sad

whenwillthemadnessend Fri 19-Jun-20 08:32:13

According to arrival money is being given to heads to distribute amongst those they feel need it.

Like everyone else however I just want a clear and definite plan for September 😡

Mumteedum Fri 19-Jun-20 08:32:25

To add, our school has indicated a rota system for September because, I expect, they can't even do 1m social distancing because their rooms are tiny. Part time school in September better than nothing but I'm worried for him.

CountessFrog Fri 19-Jun-20 08:34:00

Ah mumteedum, that sounds hard. I feel for you

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