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Myal Fri 19-Jun-20 02:01:08

To all shielders, how are you doing?
I'm particularly interested in anyone that may have been shielding that had symptoms too...have you been tested? Or taken the antibody test?

Also, how much have you shielded?

My mum hasn't been out of her house since late February, had obviously missed her regular hospital appointments and really misses human touch.
I just would like to know what other shielders have been up to?

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yarncakes Fri 19-Jun-20 06:56:02

My husband has been shielding since early March. He is very fed up. He said he wants to get out so He went to the supermarket a fortnight ago just to get out of the house. He also wanted to buy a few things of his choice. I can't say I blame him but I was very worried and told him to just be careful. Practice SD, don't touch your face, sanitise your hands etc. Knock on wood, he has been fine! He hasn't had any symptoms since all of this apart from sore throats throughout but I think that's down to hay-fever as I also suffer from it and pollen ranges from H to VH where I live, but I had shortness of breath in March. However I think it was down to anxiety because as soon as lockdown was announced, I was petrified of catching it as I work in a care home and then passing it onto my family, especially my husband who is vulnerable as he is part of the BAME group and has an autoimmune disease. When he goes back to work next month, he has to commute on a train and that's when the worry will start to set in.

MereDintofPandiculation Fri 19-Jun-20 11:27:34

DH shielding since early March. We've left the house and garden 3 times in total, for short walks (less than half a mile) at quiet times of the day, and once to give car a run in case of needing to get to hospital. Have spoken to DS and neighbours in garden for a few minutes at a time, and have received deliveries, all without getting closer than 2-3m. Unable to have our gas boiler serviced, but it's off for the summer so that's OK. Missed dental check ups, annual eye test. Hearing aid needs routine attention soon, but I don't think that will happen.

Zoom for other DS and one friend, emails with others. DF has tested positive for Covid in care home and he can't cope with phone, so I send him letters and occasionally he phones me and talks at me but can't hear my replies. Conscious I may never see him again.

I lost my sense of smell in late March, and have a strange dry wheeziness in my chest which hasn't gone away, but otherwise no symptoms.

Not bored, but cross that my summer, usually filled with plant surveys on nature reserves, has been cancelled. I haven't got many summers left.

MereDintofPandiculation Fri 19-Jun-20 11:29:11

@yarncakes You are in a very difficult situation. You have my sympathy. I realise every day how lucky I am compared with many others.

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