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Priority supermarket delivery England - shielding child

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superstar84 Thu 18-Jun-20 13:54:08

Phone Tesco they'll add you to their list and you'll be able to book a slot from tomorrow morning

unchienandalusia Thu 18-Jun-20 13:51:48

My friend had this issue and called rather than email and is now in Sainsbury's and Tesco's.

Northernsoulgirl45 Thu 18-Jun-20 13:00:19

My dh is shielding. At the start he never ticked the box. After a month we changed our response and I received an email from Asda and DH from Tesco.
Perhaps you need to be an existing online customer.
I aldo heard that if a child id shielding you get food for the whole family and toy vouchers. Not sure if true.

iVampire Thu 18-Jun-20 12:24:02

Keep emailing the supermarket

I managed to get put in mine by sheer dogged persistence, without ever being on the food parcel list

Now that it’s easier to get through, keep arguing your case with the supermarket of your choice. If you can get escalated to one of the more senior customer service managers, they can fix it, but you need to be very persistent

Honeywort Thu 18-Jun-20 12:20:59

I realise this may vary according to location; but Iceland have loads of delivery slots in my area. I thought I’d mention it as people sometimes don’t think of them as a supermarket but they do stock a fair range of “normal” food as well as frozen.

cologne4711 Thu 18-Jun-20 12:16:30

Delivery slots aren't easy to come by now, I was just talking to someone this morning who said she couldn't' even get a click and collect slot. It obviously depends what shop and where you live.

OP have you tried all the local supermarkets for click and collect slots?

HilaryBriss Thu 18-Jun-20 12:13:15

Do you actualy need to be on the priority list now? At the start of lockdown, delivery slots were as rare as hens teeth round here but there are plenty available now, with all the supermarkets.

Chocl8 Thu 18-Jun-20 11:57:57

My DD has been on the shielding list since April but I’ve not managed to get added to any supermarket delivery priority list. A Sainsbury’s person told me that I needed to tick yes on the ‘do I need help getting food’ box on site and then supermarkets would get my daughter’s name. It doesn’t seem to have worked yet.

What’s your experience? Does it take ages? Do you get emails from the supermarket to notify? Does it actually happen when it’s the child shielding rather than the parent who signs up to the supermarket?

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