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Are any schools sending home reading books?

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TriTriTriAgain Thu 18-Jun-20 10:17:34

I assume that there aren’t currently any schools that are sending reading books home? Is that the position in all areas at the moment?

This is potentially “ok” for those children in families that can afford to purchase reading books, or have some at home from older siblings, but will surely disproportionately affect children in families that can’t afford to purchase their own. I know there are some available to read online, but not everyone has access to a screen either...

I understand if it is not safe for books to be sent home, returned to school and redistributed, but am wondering if there is a way around this for those children that otherwise have no access to books.

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fedup2017 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:22:48

I asked our primary school some books earlier in lockdown. They sent me a Chromebook instead..... And whilst it's made homeschooling easier, reading off a laptop screen isn't really the same as a book.

DS aged 6 has developed a wierd blinking facial tic over lockdown. Will eventually go for an eye test but it definitely gets worse when he spends too much time looking at screens.

Northernsoulgirl45 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:25:19

Nope but we do get links to online reading material.

SunbathingDragon Thu 18-Jun-20 10:26:24

DC’s school sent home half a dozen or so books at the start of lockdown and whilst the head has said it wasn’t appropriate for parents to come in to change them, if anyone didn’t have access to other books for their children to email her direct and she would sort something out for them. I’m assuming she meant children were to use the school books and then home books but for those who don’t have home books, she would arrange more school books to be available to them. The head also sent various discount codes if any parents wanted to buy additional books and links to places for free ones to be read or printed off online.

ohthegoats Thu 18-Jun-20 10:27:05

My school is. Our head didn't want to, but the teachers are organising it in class - an in-box where they are left for a day, then wiped down before going back in the out-box.

My child's school is, and did throughout lockdown. One TA who lives locally, had a box outside her house with a lid and a brick on it. We swapped them around, wiping them down with wipes as we put them in. The TA organised this herself, paid for the wipes, and went in to school to keep the box refreshed.

Is this just another thread to have a go about something a school is doing to protect its pupils and staff? It's sort of irrelevant what other schools are doing. How about you volunteer to do the swapping in and out at your child's school? You could collect them into a box, wipe them down, put them in another box which could go back into school for swapping.

Drivingdownthe101 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:29:07

Ours isn’t but the other primary school in the village are. Children who aren’t in school can book a slot to go and fetch some every week, then return the following week. I assume they’re cleaned/quarantined when they’re taken back.

MsAwesomeDragon Thu 18-Jun-20 10:29:43

Dd's school have given access to a website full of online books. Unfortunately that means more time on screens, but she has access to a personal device (she's got a tablet, and an old phone). For the children without devices they send a paper pack of work each week, which includes a book or a couple of books at an appropriate level for that child. I don't quite know how they return the work or the books, because we haven't needed to worry about it. Maybe they have a book return box like a postbox at the main door? That would work surely. The building has been open all the time as they've been a hub for KW children.

Bobbybobbins Thu 18-Jun-20 10:30:17

My DS's school is. He is 6 and autistic and just started reading. We begged them to and they wipe down when we return. He has been going to school throughout so I think in terms of risk, that ship has sailed!

Buckingham1988 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:31:19

Ours sent two books each per child when school closed.
In May they opened up the library by appointment only (you can get direct access to the library without entering the school). When you bring books back they are wiped down and quarantined for a week.
The school also sent links for free audio books.
However I do wonder if this will be accessed by the children whom need it the most.

starlight36 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:33:45

No - we were sent home with quite a stash, which I'm now wondering how and when we will return them as the school is very strict about stuff going between home and school and I can't see that changing soon.
Like another poster we have links to online reading material but I'm not a huge fan of them spending (even!) more time staring at a screen!

wendz86 Thu 18-Jun-20 10:36:21

We are now getting reading books home. Had 3 for whole of lock down so i bought some myself. She has been re-assessed and bought a new book home Monday.

Nquartz Thu 18-Jun-20 10:37:18

DD's school have access to books online & each child has a log in. Luckily because without the library DD would have quickly got bored of her books at home

RaraRachael Thu 18-Jun-20 10:40:32

We have been told (when we return in August) that nothing is to come into school from home and vice versa, so no reading books.

BunsyGirl Thu 18-Jun-20 10:56:26

We were sent home with six books. We were then given access to Pearson Bug Club online.

Zem74 Thu 18-Jun-20 11:09:32

My daughter gets a set of books home each week, when they are returned they are put in a box to quarantine for 2 weeks before they can be given out to another child

TriTriTriAgain Thu 18-Jun-20 11:13:18

Thanks for the replies.

Ohthegoats - I’m simply looking for ideas to safely increase access to books for children that otherwise have no access to them. There are lots of really useful ideas here which I’m grateful for. I’m not interested in criticising schools for anything they are or aren’t doing.

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Lockdownseperation Thu 18-Jun-20 11:16:06

Oxfords owl currently has a number of free ebook. School reading books are expensive. We are paying for Twinkl, £5 a month and they have lots of ebooks.

pitterpatterrain Thu 18-Jun-20 11:17:15

No reading books here, a link to an extremely extensive online reading library that DD has enjoyed. Like the suggestions

As a PP mentioned yes we have been buying books - normally would go to the local library instead

Tatum1234 Thu 18-Jun-20 11:22:34

We get booked uploaded online to Active Learn. I am also thinking of signing up to a subscription to Reading Chest as I think he needs to go up a level and the school won’t do it without listening to him read.

Thetriangle Thu 18-Jun-20 11:23:41

Parents who’ve asked for books have been provided with a dozen at a time, (pre selected by teacher, not chosen like in a library). They’re passed out though a window of the office. They’re then returned in an big envelope back through the window and quarantined before being returned to the classroom. I don’t think many parents have asked though.

We’ve just read Oxford Owls and bought box sets of reading scheme books, classic stories etc ourselves, which we’ll donate to school eventually. Minimal stuff allowed between home and school on a day to day basis so although one child is back at school they’re not allowed to bring book bag or books to or from school. On the plus side, with eleven children and two staff in a bubble they’re doing a lot of reading to an adult at school so I’m not too worried about reading scheme books at home for them.

NickMarlow Thu 18-Jun-20 11:25:06

Reception dd was sent home with 3 reading books when schools closed, and then we were given the link to oxford owl after the Easter holidays so she's working her way through those

DamitJanet Thu 18-Jun-20 12:12:31

Thank you for the Oxford Owl suggestions above, never heard of it but it’s exactly the sort of thing I’ve been searching for.

RhubarbJelly Thu 18-Jun-20 12:44:06

Given two to bring home, then told not allowed to give us more. But keyworker children in school can read them in school!

AriettyHomily Thu 18-Jun-20 12:45:26

Ours took four home each on the last day and they have Bug Club.

ginsparkles Thu 18-Jun-20 12:48:31

Our school set us up on a website which has loads of free books for them to read.

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