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Sewists making masks - problems with pipe cleaners

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PowerslidePanda Wed 17-Jun-20 20:18:35

Brilliant - thanks for the suggestions!

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7to25 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:50:51

I use metal collar stays

Deux Wed 17-Jun-20 17:22:53

Try looping the edges of the pipe cleaner at each end. I’d have a go at overseeing the pipe cleaner with a wide zigzag stitch maybe.

Or if you have any foil trays, like roasting tins or even takeaway style, you could try cutting strips of metal out of them As a substitute.

Alternatively, you can avoid the fogging if you get a tissue and fold it over several times and tuck it inside the top of the mask where the nose bridge is.

Eckhart Wed 17-Jun-20 17:20:08

Bend the pipe cleaner double, about a cm from each end, and put a stitch at each end.

Bufferingkisses Wed 17-Jun-20 17:19:55

Before you add the cleaner turn back both ends so they are a little U. That should stop it piercing the fabric and also stop it pushing through the stitching meant to hold it in.

stayingaliveisawayoflife Wed 17-Jun-20 17:18:22

You can buy nose bridges made out of flat metal from Amazon! I think the ends on pipe cleaners are pointy which doesn't help.

PowerslidePanda Wed 17-Jun-20 17:07:27

I've been sewing masks (just for the family, not to sell or anything), with a pipe cleaner in a channel in the top, as we all wear glasses. But in actually using the masks, we're hitting two problems. No matter how tightly the pipe cleaner is sewn in, it migrates to one side, and/or the pipe cleaner edges of the pipe cleaner pierce through the fabric. Anyone else have these problems or know how to solve?

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