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What would you do?

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Mammy99 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:06:41

I know people are getting quite fed up of these types of threads, I'm genuinely interested in opinions but please be nice daffodil

So in Scotland it's likely we'll be going into phase 2 tomorrow which says you can meet indoors but still to socially distance and maintain 2m. We've stuck to lockdown and I've been isolating since the shielding list came out as I was pregnant (DS2 now 3weeks grin).
We've declined garden visits so far as there's no way we could get DS1 to distance (just turned 2).
However I feel if we're allowed to go into someone's house the distancing aspect is a bit pointless and wanting to visit the in-laws. I would not force my 2 year old to keep back from them as he wouldn't understand and I think it would be damaging. To be honest I know I'd let them hold the baby too, would find it cruel to be in their home with new grandchild and keep him away.

Would you go and visit?

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Tropical2 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:23:29

Nobody is going to go into somebody's house and have everyone sit 2m apart, clean the bathroom after every use, wash and sanitise their hands every 30 minutes...,,. People are going to go in the house and act like normal and who would know? Nobody is going to knock on the front door and check!

Go and visit if you want and act like normal, everyone else will! People aren't even keeping 2m distance at the shops in England and nobody is doing anything about it.

pinktaxi Wed 17-Jun-20 12:03:07

I think you should just stick to the rules and meet outside briefly.

pinktaxi Wed 17-Jun-20 12:05:54

@Tropical2 I went shopping yesterday and to the supermarket in England and almost everyone is sticking to the 2 m rules. Just a couple of teenagers being arses. It's weird constantly sidestepping people and avoiding people.

Mammy99 Wed 17-Jun-20 19:09:04

@Tropical2 I have to say that has been my experience too when out for a walk people rarely keep a distance anymore and a majority of my friends have been bending the rules for some time especially regarding seeing family.
It does just seem nonsensical to me to be allowed in someone's home and environment but not within 2m of them?!

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lljkk Wed 17-Jun-20 20:10:59

I can imagine allowing rellies to hug the children. Try not to do the rest we're not supposed to do.

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