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Hugglespuffed Wed 17-Jun-20 09:44:35

anyone know what is likely to change on Friday? Will they be allowed to travel further than 5 miles ?

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DBML Wed 17-Jun-20 09:48:22

Probably extend it to 5.5 miles and they’ll allow HobbyCraft to open.

Hugglespuffed Wed 17-Jun-20 09:49:51

That did make me chuckle. I need the chuckle.

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OldEvilOwl Wed 17-Jun-20 09:53:11

Nothing much will change, maybe a few more shops allowed to open

Wtfdidwedo Wed 17-Jun-20 09:57:39

I wish they'd open the national parks again!

cathyandclare Wed 17-Jun-20 10:04:51

Probably extend it to 5.5 miles and they’ll allow HobbyCraft to open

This made me laugh out loud. I'm desperate to see my parents in Wales, but it's a long drive and they're in a holiday area. I'm thinking of booking a holiday cottage in July because Drakeford mentioned something about that being possible for single households. The restrictions are tough in Wales.

Hugglespuffed Wed 17-Jun-20 10:14:11

Cathy (can't tag for some reason)
That is my reasoning too..i thought it may change friday but guessing is getting a bit ridiculous now.

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CeeJay81 Wed 17-Jun-20 10:32:29

Maybe the reopening of shops for July sometime. I think they are planning to keep the 5 mile thing going for sometime yet. I doubt they'll be much tbh.

Im glad tbh cause I desperately want the infection rate to come down significantly by September for the sake of my kids education, but expect England will hamper the progress on Wales.

Wishforanishwishdiash Wed 17-Jun-20 10:42:05

Urg. He says the communities have to agree to open the tourism. We are the communities. Are we going to get a referendum? Who gets a say? It is getting stupid. Unless we get a real border (and I know this may be in the background) trying to keep separate from England is not a long term plan, especially when universities come back.

I drove 13 miles to the beach on Sunday and it was fantastic.

The lack of urgency around schools is beyond depressing. But Kirsty tweets! What a great tweeter Kirsty is! Kirsty, can you please tell us what you expect working mothers to do with your maybe yes/maybe no/every school is unique/post code lottery plan to open schools?

Hugglespuffed Wed 17-Jun-20 10:50:30

What is the situation in wales with people going on holiday abroad? Will they be allowed? I imagine that will be your problem rather than people living in England. Or the amount of people who live in wales but close to the border who are driving over the border to England to go shopping/ beaches etc.. i don't mind people doing that, so long as the welsh also social distance.
I just want to see my parent. From a distance. In their garden. Creating a border would be a bad idea i think. So many families live across Wales and England.

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Hugglespuffed Wed 17-Jun-20 10:54:01

Oh and I am welsh. And a very passionate Welsh too. Living over the border in England at the moment smile

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BeyondDreamsOfBeyondFourWalls Wed 17-Jun-20 11:33:30

🤞 for weddings. DP and I have fewer than 40 days to go now...

Milicentbystander72 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:36:29

My whole family are in North Wales and I'm in England. I'm desperate to see them.

England would let me travel to the boarder but Wales wouldn't let me in. I was born there, I speak Welsh. It seems so unfair.

Kirschcherry Wed 17-Jun-20 11:36:49

As it stands Wales still has high excess mortality rates, they are still 15% above the usual rate. In London it is currently nearly 3% LESS than average. I know it really sucks but as I understand it Wales needs to carry on being very careful until it’s infection and excess death rate goes down.

Hugglespuffed Wed 17-Jun-20 11:43:39

@BeyondDreamsOfBeyondFourWalls keeping everything crossed for you. Is it just you and your DP (plus witnesses)?

@Milicentbystander72 this is exactly how I feel. I really don't like what it is doing to me mentally..i know loads of people freely moving between Wales and England but of course I'd be the one to get caught no doubt. And I wouldn't break the rules anyway.

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BeyondDreamsOfBeyondFourWalls Wed 17-Jun-20 11:46:56

Yep, just us and witnesses would be fine. And parents if allowed, depending on how many people can go.

CeeJay81 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:48:00

Huggles puffed I'm not sure about going abroad. Here in mid Wales we are very uneasy about people from England coming in because of the low number of cases here, it's a bit of a bubble on this community. I guess it maybe different in other parts of Wales with higher cases. I am just concerned about the virus being brought into this community. We do rely on tourism though, so we will need to relax these restrictions at some point. My family are on England/Scotland too, so I would like to be able to see them. Although i relay on public transport which I'm dreading. So who knows when I'll see them.

MrsRexVandeKamp Wed 17-Jun-20 12:02:25

I'm desperate to be able to see family in Wales, can't wait for restrictions to ease up a little!

Worriedmum999 Wed 17-Jun-20 12:03:33

I drove from the Midlands all the way to South Wales last week to see family from a distance. No one stopped me. Didn’t even see a police car. The rules are ridiculous now so just do your own thing.

EnlightenedOwl Wed 17-Jun-20 12:07:17

Totally ridiculous its horrendous

cathyandclare Wed 17-Jun-20 12:12:35

I drove from the Midlands all the way to South Wales last week to see family from a distance. No one stopped me. Didn’t even see a police car. The rules are ridiculous now so just do your own thing

It's a five hour drive for me (each way) and Sod's law says I'd be stopped just as I pulled onto the Mumbles Road. If it was a little nearer, I might risk it. As it is, I think I'll wait til July and book an Airbnb within 5 miles of them.

Milicentbystander72 Wed 17-Jun-20 12:19:59

If have to travel over either one of the two bridges onto Anglesey. North Wales police are often there as a natural 'checkpoint'


Milicentbystander72 Wed 17-Jun-20 12:20:18


newyearnoeu Wed 17-Jun-20 12:23:02

The five miles thing is the stupidest thing I've ever experienced particularly the way it was presented as "I know you've been missing your families so now you can see them!!!....if they live close enough for you to have been seeing them in your daily exercise or delivering shopping to them for the last three months anyway." hmm

Hopefully if they do open the shops they will quietly drop it...otherwise I don't understand exactly who will even be able to legally get to the shops. I live in the outskirts of cardiff and am more than five miles from the centre so ithat rules out pretty much all the surrounding areas that usually make up the shoppers!

PumpkinParent Wed 17-Jun-20 12:23:56

Another person aching to see parents here. We’re in London and they’re in Monmouthshire. The kids haven’t seen their grandparents since Christmas and my Mum in particular is really down about it.

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