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Psychosis and covid

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Orangeblossom78 Wed 17-Jun-20 08:35:28

After stroke, psychosis is second main condition linked to severe covid.

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MRex Wed 17-Jun-20 08:40:55

Wow, covid really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Furrybootsyecomfy Wed 17-Jun-20 08:51:24

Can’t read the article because of paywall, but would be interested in learning more about this. Delirium isn’t particularly unusual in ITU settings or elderly populations, but the last thing I can read is “higher than expected”. Away for a nosy.

ComtesseDeSpair Wed 17-Jun-20 09:09:55

This isn’t solely linked to Covid, there’s been data available for years showing an association between exposure to general respiratory viruses such as the flu and subsequent psychotic episodes. There was a rise in cases of schizophrenia after the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic as well as after SARS and swine flu.

It’s thought to possibly exert its effect through cytokines (signalling proteins which regulate biological functions, including innate and acquired immunity), produced by cells such as microglia. This is then linked to changes in brain activity.

Orangeblossom78 Wed 17-Jun-20 10:41:13

Basically what it is saying is two things

Some patents with covid (so presumably the very ill ones) have psychosis which seems to be related to the brain inflammation directly form covid

Also increase in psychosis indirectly related - so people not with covid but due to the lockdown and increased stress. In particular increase in young people in Scotland presenting, 18 cases in Forth valley area

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Jrobhatch29 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:06:41

A girl I used to work with developed viral encephalitis after flu a few years ago. She was very unwell in hospital for a long time but like @ComtesseDeSpair said it can happen after many viral infections

Orangeblossom78 Wed 17-Jun-20 11:16:08

I'm sorry after posting this I hope I have not worried people. I think this is in the most severe cases. Sepsis is also linked with delerium and that is more common in the severe cases.

But the most cases are not this severe of course.

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