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Coronavirus drive through test

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Meredithgrey1 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:10:08

We had to take DD to a drive through test centre today because she was sent home from nursery with a temperature.
How long do the results normally take to come back? I know it says they aim for 48 hours but it also says it can take 5 days. Have other people found it to be more like 5 days than 2?
Also, is it just a negative or a positive test result you can get, or can you get invalid? DD is only 12 months and obviously the instruction to swab her throat without the swab touching any other part of her mouth was pretty impossible to carry out. Does that mean we'll get an invalid result? I don't really know why they say they'll test babies that young, because I don't see how you'd properly do it. Combined with the equally impossible instruction to blow her nose before putting the swab up, it seems pointless to test her.

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MayFayre Tue 16-Jun-20 17:23:47

Mine took just over 24 hours (last week).

From chatting to friends who’ve had them, it seems to me that if you have one early in the day you get the result same day, late in the day (like me) then it’s the next day. Might depend where you live though.

Hope she is alright.

Meredithgrey1 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:24:54


She's totally fine, I think it was just the nursery being overly cautious which obviously I understand. She hasn't had a temp since we got her home.

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Castiel07 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:25:40

My dds took just under 48 hours, most people I know had results back within 48 hours.

holidaydisaster2020 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:26:55

I had two last week and ds had one. All came back in exactly 36 hours.

ButterflyBitch Tue 16-Jun-20 17:27:40

I got mine the day after.

Lindy2 Tue 16-Jun-20 17:29:36

It was just 24 hours for the tests we had done a week ago.

Snailsetssail Tue 16-Jun-20 17:31:47

I took DD at 1pm on Friday and had the result on email at 11pm Saturday night. Text message wasn’t until 6am Sunday though so check your email regularly if you need results fast.

Snailsetssail Tue 16-Jun-20 17:37:30

Did you attempt to swap her throat? The instructions say not to do it and just to do nostrils instead because of touching the tongue and invalidating the test.

Snailsetssail Tue 16-Jun-20 17:37:52

Sorry wrong thread!

misskatamari Tue 16-Jun-20 17:47:33

24 hours for ours last week.

theendoftheworldasweknowit Tue 16-Jun-20 18:00:02

Been waiting for four days so far...

I haven't chased it up yet because I can easily self-isolate, but I certainly haven't had a 48-hour turnaround.

SockYarn Tue 16-Jun-20 18:01:07

Mine were back in 9 hours. But I was one of the first punters in the place in hte morning and my results were back at around 6pm (negative).

I don't think labs are open 24 hours.

Bol87 Tue 16-Jun-20 18:26:26

12 hours for me! I was astonished! Got an email at 11pm!

StrawberryJam200 Tue 16-Jun-20 18:32:11

I think I probably touched my tongue, c hard not to imo, got a negative result (which I expected). Test at midday Thur, text with result 7am Fri, email shortly after.

MrsBennetsnerves Tue 16-Jun-20 22:21:48

I've had 2. First one in may took 42 hours, 2nd in June took less than 24 hours.

Meredithgrey1 Wed 17-Jun-20 18:44:13

Thanks everyone. We've just had her result, about 27 hours after the test, and it was negative thankfully.

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FedHimtoTigers1990 Wed 17-Jun-20 23:47:32

Took my ds today as he started with a cough yesterday. We were only ones there and me and dd were encouraged to be tested too. Hopefully we don't wait too long.

Glad your DC is ok.

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