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Altered sense of smell

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dancesanddelight Tue 16-Jun-20 14:11:31

Has anyone had an altered sense of smell/taste rather than a loss of it after covid? I first noticed it in early February, a week or two after I'd had a bit of cold. I was convinced the bread was mouldy, but my husband thought it tasted normal. I then realised everything smelled mouldy, especially salty things. It got better, but some things still taste off, especially peanut butter which I used to love. Weirdly my sweat also smells completely different to me! I'm now wondering if I had an early case of covid. I've seen both loss of smell and altered sense of smell mentioned as symptoms, but can't find much detail. Perhaps the specific changes are idiosyncratic, but I was just wondering if there's any pattern!

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Inkpaperstars Wed 17-Jun-20 01:56:32

I did lose my sense of smell, not sure if was covid as was before testing available. Since starting to come back some things that I can now smell don't smell as I remember. It is an 'off' kind of smell, eg this morning I used a leave in conditioner and a body lotion I normally really like an decided they had both gone 'off', which is odd as they don't really do that in the time I use them. DP thought they smelled fine (but didn't really engage grin), but I just can't use them. Nothing tastes or smells quite right.

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