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Skin symptoms

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wailedAndNearlyLevitated Mon 15-Jun-20 08:36:06

Hello. For the last 4/5 days my skin has felt so hot, like it’s sunburnt even though I haven’t been outside. It’s even flushed red and sensitive, and I can’t quite describe the sensation but like a cross between tingling and crawling, just odd. I don’t think it’s allergy but take a Daily antihistamine anyway for hay fever. I have had a temp and sore throat, horrible fatigue. I am going to book a test based on the temp/throat, but I was wondering if Anyone else has experienced skin symptoms? Not sure if this is potentially covid related or not...

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kimlo Mon 15-Jun-20 09:04:08

acording to the zoe app in up to 20% of covid cases the skin is effected. They have an article about it on the website.

GibbertyFlibbet Mon 15-Jun-20 09:05:40

I had mild symptoms in early March shortly after trip to Spain.

About a month later, I developed a really pronounced rash over my upper arms, upper legs and parts of torso. It was hellishly itchy and sore, and subsided after about three weeks into a sandpaper-like rough dry skin.

Haven’t been tested (still have ongoing sore throat and shortness of breath, but might just be coincidental).

wailedAndNearlyLevitated Mon 15-Jun-20 09:07:11

Thanks @kimlo I’ll check that out

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wailedAndNearlyLevitated Mon 15-Jun-20 09:08:18

Eeek @GibbertyFlibbet that doesn’t sound nice at all! Hope you are starting to feel better

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GibbertyFlibbet Mon 15-Jun-20 16:26:52

Thanks @wailedAndNearlyLevitated, skin is all back to normal now. Still feeling generally out of sorts, but hard to know what’s causing it.

Hope you feel better soon too, and would be interested to know if you do have a test.

I’ve been contributing to the Zoe app for a couple of months and they ask about skin now (didn’t originally). Hadn’t seen the specific survey on there though, thanks @kimlo

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