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Contractor in my house

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Wantabub Mon 15-Jun-20 08:16:55

Hi all,
Quick question... I have an electrician in my house doing a few bits in most rooms. I'm currently sat outside with the pup.
Do I need to clean the house from top to bottom when he goes?
He's wearing full ppe.

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Mon 15-Jun-20 08:24:37

I had an emergency electrician last week, without PPE. We closed the kids in one room (it was raining), maintained distance, and he quickly isolated the problem to the garage so was only in our downstairs bathroom for a short period of time. I didn't feel the need for excessive cleaning afterwards.

But if cleaning will make you feel better, do it. I had a bit of a chat with him while waiting for DH to come home to get stuff out of the garage and people are doing a lot of mental gymnastics right now, and they are having trouble with access for safety checks.

EnglishRain Mon 15-Jun-20 08:28:43

I wouldn't have said so, no. I've had loads of workman the last few weeks and have just opened windows and doors to ensure ventilation and kept out of the way.

Wantabub Mon 15-Jun-20 08:36:16

Amazing. Thank you!

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Montysmam1 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:55:27

I needed a new shower to be fitted. The workman used PPE and I just cleaned the area he'd been in afterwards for peace of mind. Open windows too xx

cologne4711 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:58:47

No I had an Openreach engineer in last week. I cleaned the area he was working in before he came, he wiped it over before he left. He wasn't wearing PPE.

I had a radiator replaced the other week and the plumber wore gloves but no mask (although he said he would have worn a mask if we had been vulnerable). Again I cleaned before he came and he wiped over before he left.

And yes to open windows.

Drivingdownthe101 Mon 15-Jun-20 10:54:00

We’ve got 2 plumbers in today repiping both our showers. Not in PPE, I imagine it’d be hot and hard to work in PPE!
I wasn’t planning on deep cleaning anything when they leave.

Meredithgrey1 Mon 15-Jun-20 11:36:00

I guess the official advice would be to clean any surfaces that he touched. But we had someone come and fix our boiler the other day and to be honest it didn't even occur to me to clean afterwards.

DappledThings Mon 15-Jun-20 13:22:04

we had someone come and fix our boiler the other day and to be honest it didn't even occur to me to clean afterwards.

Same for me with Openreach engineer. Didn't occur to me to clean anywhere he had been. Not sure I kept 2m away at all times either. It's so unnatural I keep forgetting. Took me a while torealise why he seemed so surprised when I offered him the usual cuppa.

WorriedAboutMom Mon 15-Jun-20 13:45:43

We had an emergency plumber in at the start of lockdown and he wasn't wearing PPE but we kept the windows wide open in the room he was working in. Then wiped the surfaces down in that room with antibacterial wipes including the door at the front of the house & handles and hallway floor.

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