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what were your Covid symptoms?

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LockdownLulu Sun 14-Jun-20 15:31:35

I wonder if I had it but if I did it could only have come from plastic packaging brought into the house- deliveries of some household items (not food) which we stopped quarantining recently when the numbers were falling.

I had......

a feeling of nausea one night which came and went over days.
No loss of appetite, but a funny 'empty tummy' feeling off and on.

Extreme tiredness- heavy eyes, a mild headache and pain when moving my eyes. Lay on sofa for 2 days not able to do much at all and soooooo tired. Low energy for another week.

Inability to concentrate on screens without getting a headache.

No temperature but really sweaty at night.

DH developed a cough but put it down to bad hayfever (happens most years) and that did respond to an inhaler from the asthma nurse.

This all went on for 7-10 days.

The thing is, I've not been anywhere or seen anyone so IF it was Covid it's come into the house, or it was mild food poisoning without the runs.

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