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have you had corona virus and was dizziness/vertigo a symptom?

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chocolateequinox Sun 14-Jun-20 12:49:20

My elderly mother (90) started with vertigo yesterday afternoon. She's refusing to even speak to the GP, I was going to use the surgery online symptom checker but it says specifically I have to have her consent. The NHS 111 symptom checker says she should see a GP within 6 hours but she won't even consider it. She's told the manager at the sheltered housing who has told her to wear one of the emergency call pendants and that she will get the GP to come and see her but she's refused on both counts.

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UntamedShrew Sun 14-Jun-20 13:12:57

I’ve had the virus but not with vertigo. I am prone to vertigo attacks, usually brought on by stress - but didn’t have one that coincided with my illness back in April. Hope your mum feels better soon, vertigo is horrible.

FuzzyPuffling Sun 14-Jun-20 13:27:08

I've had a sudden unexpected bout of vertigo (complete with vomiting, lasting 6 hours) but no CV19. (Shielding so chances of infection practically zero)

Loose otolith was the GP's (phone) verdict.

LockdownLou Sun 14-Jun-20 13:44:03

Not sure had a random bout a few weeks back lasted one day, it was horrid.

Northernlass99 Sun 14-Jun-20 13:47:39

Had corona. No vertigo. Could it be dehydration?

Bol87 Sun 14-Jun-20 16:08:46

I’m currently suffering with headaches, dizziness and sinus pain.. for about 5 days now. I decided to go for a corona test yesterday as I was concerned it might be and my daughter has vaccinations next week (so would need to cancel & delay). Was suitably jabbed in the throat & nose, results back in 12 hours. Negative. Relieved it’s just a random virus & I don’t have to isolate for two weeks!

There’s def stuff going round still & I think pollen is quite high causing heyfever symptoms to be bad!

Hope your mum is OK!

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