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My friend smokes but won’t send her dc back to school

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sunshineanddaffodils Sun 14-Jun-20 11:58:36

Apparently it’s not worth the risk and she’s going to wait until there’s a vaccination🙄 This just about finished me off yesterday and I’m still bemused today. When did peoples perception of risk become so skewed?

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Bol87 Sun 14-Jun-20 12:13:35

Ha. This is a good one.

My other half made a good point this morning that the reason people ignore cancer risks is because you can simply tell yourself it won’t happen to you. You can’t catch it. It’s something that happens to other people. Yet hundreds of people die of cancer every day. It’s a much bigger killer than corona.

But coronavirus could happen to you quite easily. It’s somewhat likely you will catch it.

But what people seem to have forgotten is that for the under 60’s, cancer is WAY more likely to kill you than corona. If you get corona as an under 60, you most likely won’t even need hospital treatment. You may not even realise you have it. If you get cancer as an under 60, you’ll be pretty ill for a while, intensive treatment, awful side affects such as hair loss, infertility, violent sickness..

Even if you look at the elderly, you get corona, there’s still more chance you’ll survive. Cancer, well, it’s mostly a death sentence sad

BunsyGirl Sun 14-Jun-20 13:21:35

My dad 72 is convinced he is going to die of the virus and will barely leave his house. But he drives when he is over the limit despite my brother and I both having many arguments with him about doing it. I actually hate him. It’s been brilliant not having to see him during lockdown.

Raaaa Sun 14-Jun-20 13:31:01

Funny with some smokers, my ex MIL was a very heavy smoker, barely ate, stick thin, smoked in the house, always cold and coughing her guts up and she would blame it all on the weather. Everyone would keep quiet hmm

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