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School / wraparound predictions for September

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Hmmmmminteresting Sun 14-Jun-20 09:53:11

I know it's impossible to know for sure... but what's the general feeling?
All operating as normal with zero social distancing?
My 4yo is starting reception in September but I'm heavily relying on their breakfast and after school clubs operating as normal.
We have no childminders in the area and mine and dh jobs would be really really difficult to do within school hours

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ohthegoats Sun 14-Jun-20 10:01:26

It will be down to individual schools so the gov can shrug and blame heads. In my opinion.

ohthegoats Sun 14-Jun-20 10:03:10

All operating as normal with zero social distancing?

Can't do that due to numbers of vulnerable staff. I include BAME staff within that vulnerable group until PHE produce their report.

frozendaisy Sun 14-Jun-20 10:58:25

I would email your school with a polite enquiry to get a feeling on if this option is likely to be available at your school. If it isn't you have more time to look into alternatives.

Haggisfish Sun 14-Jun-20 10:59:36

There will be little point emailing school as have no idea. My prediction is that government will change to 1m rule the week before we break up. And all back as norma in September as a result.

frozendaisy Sun 14-Jun-20 10:59:44

But my general feeling on wrap around, doubtful. Think full-time for all pupils is sketchy.

Chrisinthemorning Sun 14-Jun-20 11:00:34

My prediction for our school is as normal but no wraparound. I think they will expand the bubble size to the class size (max 22 at ours) but ask for no assembly or mixing at lunch, break etc.
I am about to email the head to ask his plans (agin it’s private so hopefully he will find time to reply!)

SandieCheeks Sun 14-Jun-20 11:00:54

I doubt the new reception intake will start in September - schools will need to get the other years in first. It might be a very long part time intro.

I absolutely wouldn’t rely on school and wraparound if you need full time care.

SqidgeBum Sun 14-Jun-20 11:02:49

Unfortunately schools dont even know the answer to this. The government tell them what to do a week or 2 before they have to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if we get to mid august and schools are still waiting on government guidance for reopening. We can speculate all we like at the minute. Nobody has actual answers.

Qasd Sun 14-Jun-20 12:45:23

Even with one metre social distancing our primary would not be back to normal. My guess is they keep with some part time offer for some kids until genuine concern re a lack of state education grows big enough to change that! The “it’s only six month brigade” will have to go with “its only nine months” to “its only a year” etc until it actually becomes impossible for us as a nation to not do something but I don’t think the impetus will be there by September too many still don’t see cancelling state education as a problem.

Tulipstulips Sun 14-Jun-20 12:52:38

Our wraparound care isn’t functioning at all at the moment, though anticipates holiday club being possible. As long as they’re insisting on bubbles and reduced class sizes etc, I can’t see how wraparound care would work as you’d be mixing bubbles in afterschool and breakfast clubs.

For now, mine and DH’s offices are closed with no intention of reopening before September. They’ve also said they expect the new normal will be at least 50% wfh (I already have 3 days per week wfh in my contract) so I guess we’ll have to take turns to pick DS up on our days working from home then park him in front of the tv with a snack until we finish work. I really appreciate that’s only possible with flexible working arrangements. I fear that a lot of women who used to work in the retail or hospitality or health or service industries, or even receptionist/lower level admin type jobs, jobs where working from home is impossible, will find they can no longer work. It’s a massive feminist issue.

trilbydoll Sun 14-Jun-20 12:56:08

Our wraparound can't operate until the bubbles are abandoned - the breakfast and afterschool club takes kids from infants and juniors then disperses them so it would make a mockery of any measures in school!

Even if school takes kids on rota or gives them a few full days each the wraparound won't be able to run.

I am hoping for it to be discovered over the summer that kids do not transmit the virus at all and everything can go back to how it was before smile

Pipandmum Sun 14-Jun-20 12:59:03

I think the government will make it a 1m rule with no social distancing for younger years. Allow as many students back as schools deem possible. Packed lunches until half term. Hopefully by then they will allow school lunches.
By September they may have more insight from the schools that have gone back full time in other countries in terms of what worked and if there were any outbreaks.

covetingthepreciousthings Sun 14-Jun-20 13:16:35

Our academy has said they think they will be working on a rota basis for pupils from September onwards.

So they're currently looking into a "blended learning" approach for then.

Cheerybigbottom Sun 14-Jun-20 13:21:10

I had a dream last night that schools went back full time but breakfast club and after school club didn't. I was late to work on a bus that was crawling in traffic, I was late collecting from school due to a taxi not knowing where pick up or drop off existed.

I'm expecting to drop my availability for work substantially. Saving up now for the drop in income and some sleep aids 😄

Hmmmmminteresting Sun 14-Jun-20 15:48:44

Eeek this pretty much confirms my worst fears.
All I can do is pray that something changes soon!

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Appuskidu Sun 14-Jun-20 15:51:36

The wraparound care won’t be starting back up at my schools until the TAs who run it are told they have to come back to work-they are all shielding. We have nobody else on the staff who is able to do it.

I think they will only be able to run when the need for SD and bubbles is over.

SoloMummy Sun 14-Jun-20 16:02:20

Given that in many areas most have had to decide between school or childminders I am doubtful that Afterschool or breakfast club will run as it would be yet another bubble.

cabbageking Sun 14-Jun-20 16:04:40

Too soon to say

Jrobhatch29 Sun 14-Jun-20 18:06:56

My two little boys school rang the other day and are planning on being open as normal in september but as they have class sizes of 30 and 3 form entry I cant see how it is possible unless government drop social distancing. Their new teachers are coming to meet them in our garden before summer x

flamingochill Sun 14-Jun-20 18:13:12

I'd be keeping my nursery place until the school contacts you with a start date. I wouldn't assume that she'd be able to go on the first day of term.

StaffAssociationRepresentative Sun 14-Jun-20 18:32:06

No idea. Lots can give predictions but no one can be 100% certain. It will vary from back to old normal to a part time mash up.

Righteouswarrior Sun 14-Jun-20 20:49:30

If the rate of deaths and infection continue to drop as they are I think by the time schools return in September we'll be at a point where it is pretty much back to normal with test and trace working much better at keeping an eye on outbreaks, so localities can temporarily lockdown if needed or numbers watched carefully whilst known contacts isolate. On flipside of that if we get a second wave due to the recent large gatherings and easing of lockdown that might have happened too early then schools would have to stay as they are or close again. If the latter happens then I hope they improve provisions for children at risk of falling behind, such as weekly calls from class teachers and assessments on attainment for individual children at risk. Or even weekly socially distanced learning hubs for disadvantaged children to attend.
Whatever scenario it is weeks away, yet we should know the direction by mid July I reckon.

ChittyChittyBoomBoom Sun 14-Jun-20 21:38:47

We don’t know yet! Schools have NOT been told.

I know it’s incredibly frustrating and worrying but I do wish people would stop guessing! We do not know!

DBML Sun 14-Jun-20 22:09:43

Op, I wish it weren’t the case and I sincerely hope things change...but...
Prepare yourself for the fact that schools are currently planning for blended learning come September, which means a part-time element for children. I am not sure wrap around care will be available at that point.

Fingers crossed I’m wrong.

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