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Track and Trace and football

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bigchris Sun 14-Jun-20 09:52:42

So we were told at work and by the government if one of us at work is tested for the virus and has it we and everyone in our building has to go home and isolate for 14 days, we are key workers

A premiership footballer has tested positive, they have been told to isolate for 7 days and the rest of the team isn't isolating, nor the team they played a friendly with ( spurs ) or anyone else they've been in contact with

So football going ahead Wednesday is more important than key worker roles right now ?!!

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carexfairex Sun 14-Jun-20 09:58:28

I think the track and trace guidelines is simply 'if you have been in contact with' whereas the premier league have actually tested the players. Very different situation.

Dadnotamum72 Sun 14-Jun-20 10:00:00

Because everyone involved has also been tested so they know they don't need to isolate?

bigchris Sun 14-Jun-20 10:03:22

Oh I see ! I hadn't thought of that !

So if one of us gets it and the rest get tested and are negative we can still work , that makes more sense

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bigchris Sun 14-Jun-20 10:04:09

Thank you smile

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Quartz2208 Sun 14-Jun-20 10:21:05

They have spent a lot of money on private tests and are being tested twice a week

Here are the latest

So everyone is being tested on a very regular basis.

They are set to make far more money than the tests cost (or potentially lose much more if they didnt go ahead)

bigchris Sun 14-Jun-20 11:01:49

Thank you Quartz! That's really interesting smile

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AgileLass Sun 14-Jun-20 11:03:45

I agree with you OP - I thought you had to isolate for the 14 days if you had been in contact with a confirmed case, even if you tested negative, because of the unknown length of incubation periods.

bigchris Sun 14-Jun-20 15:55:15

It's so confusing isn't it !

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Weepinggreenwillow Sun 14-Jun-20 16:41:53

That's not actually how it works. You only have to isolate of you have spent more then 15 minutes within less than 2M of the confimed case (and without wearing a mask) All workplaces are supposed to be COVID secure - so enabling workers not to be within 2m of each other for over 15 mins. (I do appreciate though there may be some jobs where this isnt possible.)This means it will actually be quite rare that you would need to isolate if someone at your work tested positive.

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