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Who is still not going out.

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Alex50 Sat 13-Jun-20 13:03:16

Just wondering how many people are still in lockdown, not going out at all. Is this because you are still shielding?

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ImMrsRobinson Sat 13-Jun-20 13:13:26

Not shielding but not going out as it’s very unclear how safe it is to do so.

I would really like some further easy to access information on where the new infections are coming from. It’s frustrating at the moment not knowing how or where I might pick up the virus.

I’m also not sure how much this ‘Zoe’ app is helping as it’s testing people who may have had the virus some time ago who are no longer contagious but still testing positive.

frozendaisy Sat 13-Jun-20 13:15:00

Going out a bit but risk assessing as that is how my mind is programmed at the moment, wish it wasn't but it is.

Billyjoearmstrong Sat 13-Jun-20 13:30:15

Not shielding but am 28 weeks pregnant.

High risk pregnancy already so don’t fancy taking any chances. I’m only leaving the house to go to hospital appointments. Although, two midwives at my hospital died in May of covid so don’t exactly feel safe there.

The kids and Dh haven’t been out of the of the house, only in the garden. But then we’ve never really been a family that goes out at weekends (skint or working all the time) or enjoys walks so it’s no exactly a change for us, Dh has worked from home for almost a year anyway and there has always been loads of shopping delivery slots here even when it was impossible for anyone else.

We’re all happy through with how things are, no Dh and I haven’t got any friends and out family are elderly and difficult so it’s been a good break from them to be honest.

iVampire Sat 13-Jun-20 13:34:06

The shield group have now been advised we can go out for daily exercise, provided we are ringing snot 2m social distancing

That’s a mixed blessing as so many people seem to be less attentive to keeping their distance, so just as we’re let out, we can no longer rely on public spaces being actually available because so many people are getting closer.

I’m also staying in because I’ve broken my foot/ankle (a whole other story)

QueenCT Sat 13-Jun-20 13:59:22

Shielding and technically not going out
By technically. I've driven and been through a Starbucks drive through. Went to the beach one evening after the shielding was lifted for walks. I'm generally not happy going out as people aren't distancing, plus WFH FT so no chance to drive somewhere quiet!

pinkpip100 Sat 13-Jun-20 14:13:36

We are shielding our youngest dd. I wouldn't say we aren't going out, but definitely much less than most of our non-shielding friends. I go for a run most days, and take 2 younger dc for a short walk (short in distance but takes us a remarkably long time as dd walks very slowly and faffs a lot!) every day. Older dc go out for a run or walk most days, usually alone but recently have started meeting with one friend for this occasionally. I do click & collect from a nearby farm shop, tend to drive there and get a coffee from their outdoor 'pod' - a weekly treat! Once or twice a week we all go for a walk or bike ride together - I have to drag the older dc kicking & screaming!
All of this is done with strict social distancing keeping as far away from others as possible, and we avoid anywhere we think might be busy. We don't go to supermarkets (have probably been to our local one three times in total through the whole thing, either late at night or first thing) and aren't planning on going to any other shops for the time being.
We have bumped into people we know on our walks and stopped to chat, and I had a cup of coffee in a friend's garden yesterday - but again, always at a distance and bring own coffee etc.
Poor shielding dd hasn't been able to see any of her friends though, and is definitely struggling with that. She has learning difficulties and just doesn't understand social distancing, so I can't see how it would work.

chocolateequinox Sat 13-Jun-20 14:19:12

I'm not , I go out to work but that's it. I'm not in any social bubbles.

crimsonlake Sat 13-Jun-20 14:25:13

I'm not.
I have no social bubbles at the moment and do not think anyone wants to risk seeing me that I know since I have been going to work as usual through this. My family live in Wales so I also cannot go there. I hate shopping generally and am and will continue to steer clear of shops. Pretty fed up really with it all.

ImInYourMindFuzz Sat 13-Jun-20 14:45:37

Not shielding but during summer I get asthma like symptoms plus I’m overweight so higher risk. But, I don’t feel the need to go out tbh. I’m a recluse at the best of times and gain my energy from staying in a being in my own home. Apart from monetary worries (I was due to start a new job then lockdown happened so not been able to claim furlough) I’ve enjoyed this time, it’s taken social pressure off me and I don’t have the urge to go anywhere tbh.

Char2015 Sat 13-Jun-20 14:55:46

The last day I went out was the 30th March. I have asthma so I feel if I was to get it then that's me in serious trouble. I've been signed off by my GP as the risk to me is high. My anxiety is lower being at home too. I was having panic attacks previously at the thought of having to go outside and to work. I'm a single parent of two. The kids have been playing outside on our large balconies.

Starting to consider taking next steps outside just to the green outside our house. We can time it so it will be just us there too. I've also got a hospital appointment coming up soon so will have to prepare for that.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sat 13-Jun-20 15:09:35

Not not-going-out, but still feels like there’s not much to go out for - we’re in Scotland so a bit behind in terms of restrictions being lifted.

Daily walks, this week I have been to the M&S foodhall, and (very exciting) Boots. Yesterday DP and I walked into town and got a takeaway Starbucks. I’ve not met up with or seen anyone, partly because of toilets being closed, but also because the weather has been crap. DP has been to visit his mum and sat in her garden on a day it wasn’t raining.

weebarra Sat 13-Jun-20 15:11:31

We're in Scotland. Just going to shops and for walks.
We went to a nearby beach today and that's the first time we've all been in the car together since 23rd March.

Bol87 Sat 13-Jun-20 15:42:12

@Char2015 - have you spoken to your GP recently? Asthma has been removed from the shielding list & data is showing outcomes for asthmatics is no worse than those without it (unless you are on very high dose steroid inhalers)..

Oreosmyfav Sat 13-Jun-20 15:49:57

I'm shielding and in Wales so I'll be indoors for most of the time until 16th August when shielding ends. I go out for a walk, only been a bit further for hospital appointments. I feel stressed at how little there is in life to look forward to and how this is being branded as the new normal. It's not for me, I hate it.

Thisdressneedspockets Sat 13-Jun-20 23:25:53

1 in 1700 or 0.06 percent now have the virus, according to the latest report from the ons. Those symptomatic would be quarantining, so it should be even less than that. It's not exactly rife and feels pretty safe

SpnBaby1967 Sun 14-Jun-20 11:08:35

Not really, shops here and there & met a friend but that's it.

But not because of coronavirus, but because I have horrific hayfever so am hiding indoors from the deathly pollen levels.

40somethingJBJ Sun 14-Jun-20 11:14:13

I’m going out alone to walk the dog. Have met a friend twice for a walk. Not been in a shop since 16th March, and not planning on doing so any time soon. I’m caring for my elderly dad who has copd, so I’m being very careful.

PickAChew Sun 14-Jun-20 11:19:42

@ImMrsRobinson leaving the house to be outside carries fewer risks than staying indoors, getting no exercise, got the vast majority of people.

One of my teen's has refused to leave the house at all and has lost significant muscle tone. It can't be good for his heart, either.

Hearhoovesthinkzebras Sun 14-Jun-20 11:21:53

I'm shielding so not going out. Have been out twice for a walk since they've allowed us to do so but other people have clearly given up on the concept of social distancing - family groups who insist on walking side by side on pavements, or families cycling on pavements. If I can cross the road to avoid people then ok but it's so busy here that often there are people on both pavements and lots of time the cyclists are coming up behind you so no opportunity to move out of their way.

Given that for three months now the shielded have been told it isn't safe to leave our homes even with social distancing and in the open air it's natural I think to be very wary about being outside with people who don't care about social distancing.

WhatIsTheActualPointOfMe Sun 14-Jun-20 11:24:12

In vulnerable group. Will carry on staying in until there is a vaccine really. I might have a walk every couple of weeks, thats it. I definitely will not be going shopping, etc.

ImMrsRobinson Sun 14-Jun-20 11:24:28

PickAChew I’m in one of the most infected areas of the country with community spread still occurring so I’m not yet convinced it is safer out of the house.

MereDintofPandiculation Sun 14-Jun-20 12:17:34

DH shielding, so we're not going out much (three times in total since March 20th) and choosing our routes with care.

We will start going out for walks more (driving if necessary to avoid crowded streets) in an attempt to get our fitness back. But no intention to visit shops, difficult as that makes it, or, at present, to meet friends and family.

Greenbutterlfy566 Mon 15-Jun-20 23:13:46


ssd Mon 15-Jun-20 23:16:29

Not shielding but not going out except daily walks. Bored stiff but following advice. Am in Scotland

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