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Scottish schools in August have you been told yet?

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womaninatightspot Fri 12-Jun-20 22:45:02

Our schools doing two days a week either Mon/ Tues or Thurs/Fri Siblings will be in the same days. I sort of suspected it'd be something like that. Shit for me in terms of any ability to make money.

Just wondered if all schools in Scotland are doing the same and has anyone heard whats happening with school transport yet?

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LizzieMacQueen Fri 12-Jun-20 23:05:28

There's a thread running in Scotsnet. I'll see if I can link.

LizzieMacQueen Fri 12-Jun-20 23:06:54


LizzieMacQueen Fri 12-Jun-20 23:16:55

I'll try that again


womaninatightspot Fri 12-Jun-20 23:41:01


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