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Scottish school nonsense

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Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 19:08:18

Very frustrated to receive my 2 days of school letter today!

More annoyed by the BBC who state

'For all age groups there will be a blended learning approach, with about half of each child's education taking place at home.'

Well that's not true.

I think they mean children will spend more than half of their school week at home. Do not dress up this pish to be something it isn't.

I hope there is some sense before 11th August and numbers that are so low they need to change this nonsense!

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salemcat Fri 12-Jun-20 19:09:59

Not sure how they expect us to work/study the other 3 days 🤦‍♀️

Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 19:11:42

Not a clue. We do wfh so are in a more fortunate position than single parents or people who can't work from home and nobody seems to care about that as if it's not happening !

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Qasd Fri 12-Jun-20 19:15:14

I do think that we need to argue strongly against the use of the term “blended learning”’s part time learning and reducing the educational offer available to our children and young people to suggest otherwise is rubbish!

Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 19:21:17

I said exactly the same to my MSP @Qasd

This is not the definition of blended learning. Since when were young children capable of blended learning - what a load of crap.

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rozzyraspberry Fri 12-Jun-20 19:25:50

Our letter said one day per week for high school. Really worried about my sons doing highers and advanced highers!

louisthetrumpetswan Fri 12-Jun-20 19:27:36

'Blended learning' is a daft term to use for school aged children.

It's part-time schooling. If that's what is necessary due to the pandemic, that's what it is, but calling it blended learning is inaccurate.

Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 19:30:42

I saw that @rozzyraspberry

Awful for them. I saw it was going to build to 50% for secondary (in Fife anyway.....)

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Callisto1 Fri 12-Jun-20 20:24:11

We haven't been given any definite info yet. I hope we get 2 days in school for primary, but the council is planing 1/3 of pupils in to begin with and Fridays for deep cleaning and online lesson planning. That leaves 4 days and i have the horrible feeling we'll end up with 1 day of school with the rest being home learning...
This is not 'blended learning', but just expecting parents to take on education indefinitely! Basically Scottish parents are going to be expected to home school. Till when?! No one knows... angry

Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 20:26:31

We are going to put a thread on the Scotsnet topic section to specifically talk about all of this.

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ParkheadParadise Fri 12-Jun-20 20:28:25

Looks like dd will only be attending in the morning when she starts school in August.

poozel Fri 12-Jun-20 20:41:28

Place marking to discuss further.

Dd is to small to be included but I am assisting nephew, fifteen and niece, seventeen.

My other nephew also due to start August.

For Dd, funded nursery hours have been withdrawn as I am not key worker. This is not yet the end of the world for me but will be for others.

KatySun Fri 12-Jun-20 20:44:38

blended learning requires the holistic integration of the face to face and the online elements - so the teacher or lecturer (because let’s face it, this is a university level mode of learning) designs the course and decides which elements are best done online and in what waysand which elements will be taught face to face. The Scottish curriculum has not been designed for blended learning. University staff are basically going to have to spend all summer redesigning their courses to blended or online offerings with podcasts, Zoom and so on. How long are teachers getting?

It is part-time school with parents expected to make up the difference. From what we have had so far, I am not holding out much hope for more than some print outs. I am a single parent, I work and it is going to be a struggle. It is going to be a struggle for any working parent.

Drivingdownthe101 Fri 12-Jun-20 20:46:20

They need to piss off with the ‘blended learning’ shit and be honest that they only intend to educate children on a part time basis.

IckleWicklePumperNickle Fri 12-Jun-20 20:49:33

So sick of their shit show. In 2 months time schools should be back full time. The shit is already starting to hit the fan at work with no childcare options, not including school.

Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 21:16:45

Join the Usforthem Scotland FB group.

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Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 21:18:10

The 'blended learning' term is beyond annoying.

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KaronAVyrus Fri 12-Jun-20 21:22:10

I’m not going to call it “blended learning”. 4 days out of 15 at school is part-time and an utter travesty.

Noworrieshere Fri 12-Jun-20 21:28:35

I wonder who actually invented the term blended learning? I bet they were proud as anything of themselves when they came up with that.

Pootle40 Fri 12-Jun-20 21:32:25

Blended learning is certainly something I hear at work but that's in a professional setting and I get the concept that not all learning is done face to face. But children at school left unsupervised to teach themselves?!

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