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To expect GP to know about CV testing?

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Myfriendanxiety Fri 12-Jun-20 17:55:55

My 1 year old has a high temperature. As far as I’m aware that means they need a Covid-19 test (or if we don’t want to test we all have to isolate for 14 days). It would be unlikely she has CV as she hasn’t left the house in but rules are rules and we would isolated properly.

Both me and DH are key workers so we need to be able to work so we went for the testing option hoping we get the negative result quickly and can get back to work.

I spoke to the GP earlier about her and he was very surprised she had a test and wanted to know how I managed to organise one.

I used the NHS website, got a slot at the nearest centre within half an hour and there were hundreds of slots available at times up until this evening. Was very simple so I don’t know why the GP doesn’t know this and isn’t recommending people to be tested!

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