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WTAF schools...

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SoberCurious Wed 10-Jun-20 15:11:11

My friend who works for the DfE says they are planning for kids to go back to school in December 😭😭😭

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FrippEnos Wed 10-Jun-20 15:15:32

My friends, BiL's Cousin's, boy friend's, mother's brother says that he is his own grandpa.

RedSoloCup Wed 10-Jun-20 15:16:46

All speculation hopefully!

Billyjoearmstrong Wed 10-Jun-20 15:17:32

Dh works for a local authority in London, same thing. They have always been planning for January return.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Wed 10-Jun-20 15:17:42

Frippenos grin

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 10-Jun-20 15:20:49

I assume you mean full time as some children are already back part time? The school I work in is assuming part time school will continue at least until Christmas.

Duckfinger Wed 10-Jun-20 15:21:44

I honest to God think there would be marches on parliament if they did that. Especially if the infection rates keep dropping it just isn't justified to open up practically everything else but keep children away from a proper education.
I do think it will be part time until October half term (albeit unnecessarily) but no proper school until January is impossible from a education point of view.

Mum45678 Wed 10-Jun-20 15:22:10

OMG Are you sh*tting me? Single parent working full time with two kids. Can't increase the nanny's hours any more without putting us into serious poverty. Children's Dad not much help.

There were no deaths in London on Monday. Why are we throwing kids under a bus like this? It is completely and utterly ridiculous.

GreatestShowUnicorn Wed 10-Jun-20 15:22:16

In Scotland plans are being made for part time until Christmas.

Mum45678 Wed 10-Jun-20 15:23:59

And I will be out and damn marching if this is the case. I still can't believe in a few weeks I will be able to take my children to shops, zoos, the beach, pubs, etc etc etc but how dare I expect the children's schools to be open and actually educating my children. FML.

Duckfinger Wed 10-Jun-20 15:26:04

Also I am amazed how many people on mumsnet know Local Authorities that are planning for January.
I work in a school, I have relatives in other schools. Our authority has always said we don't know anymore than you do. First we were told to plan for full return after easter, then full return in June and now they are telling us to plan for full return in September- they don't want schools to be caught out without plans but they can't guarantee as direction is coming from the government.

Waxonwaxoff0 Wed 10-Jun-20 15:28:12

No one knows. Not even the government. Doesn't matter where they work. It totally depends on what happens over the next few weeks.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 10-Jun-20 15:28:21

If there is a second wave then it will be in the winter. Our kids could lose more than a year of school.

StrawberryRaven Wed 10-Jun-20 15:29:19

Presumably this planning is contingency planning rather than actual 'set in stone' planning.

I would have thought all the school plans are constantly reviewed and entirely dependent on what unfolds over time.

Appuskidu Wed 10-Jun-20 15:30:04

Nobody knows.

zafferana Wed 10-Jun-20 15:30:39

I spoke to the head teacher at my DC's primary this morning. Now that Gavin Williamson has given primary schools flexibility to choose how/when they open they are planning to reopen to more DC before the end of this term. The outrage over schools has only just started. I think there will be changes coming and if we don't have a second wave I'd be surprised if most schools weren't back FT in September.

IHateCoronavirus Wed 10-Jun-20 15:31:13

Frip grin

ekidmxcl Wed 10-Jun-20 15:32:53

My dc's secondary is preparaing for the possibility that September will be online. From the level of preparation, I'd suggest that the possibility is more of a probability.

RaspberryIsMyJam Wed 10-Jun-20 15:33:35

I'll be out protesting if that was the case but it's not...

Billyjoearmstrong Wed 10-Jun-20 15:33:46

Yes contingency obviously. All Dh know is that they are not ‘planning’ on opening fully before Jan on terms of what his department plans, he works in pupil funding.

I agree no one really knows, just saying what I’ve been told.

Themostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 10-Jun-20 15:35:06

Yes I am only going on what my school have said and it may very well change but serious planning is being put into it being Christmas time so that is clearly not out of the question. I very much hope it will be earlier though!

ekidmxcl Wed 10-Jun-20 15:37:07

The number of teachers who are either shielding, vulnerable or unwilling to risk their health for a job will be gigantic. Any close to retirement and "ordered" to return may very well be able to resign and retire early. My dd has a teacher who isn't going back: aged about 55, male with diabetes. Schools are going to be in a mess even if everyone is "required" to go back.

ekidmxcl Wed 10-Jun-20 15:38:50

You can protest all you like, but on an individual basis, there will be many teachers unwilling to risk their health and they'll resign before entering the classroom again. I know at least 2 who will do this.

ekidmxcl Wed 10-Jun-20 15:39:18

And a further teacher married to someone shielding who will not go back.

flamingochill Wed 10-Jun-20 15:41:57

Do you mean full time?

I heard that Track and Trace won't be working until mid-autumn

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