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One thing after another - what can I do to cheer myself up ?

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namechange0202 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:32:54

Started spiking a fever and severe diarrhea on Monday for no apparent reason . GP assumed it was an infection of some sort as exposure to covid would be minimum ... said take amoxicillin and see how I get on . I’ve now come out in a rash, GP thinks I’m allergic to pencillin now (as well as already being allergic to macrodantin, and trimethoprim) .

I’m struggling, I’ve not eaten since Sunday bar two slices of toast, I’m drinking but I’m hot/cold constantly, my face is now on fire and I can’t stop running to the loo every 20 seconds .

I have got a covid test that’s being picked up tomorrow but feeling absolutely dreadful and sorry for myself . Sat on sofa in pyjamas thoroughly fed up . Have got a cupboard full of lucozade and wondering if there’s a decent boxset or something I could watch ... anything to take my mind off all this crap (literally) .

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MrsJonesAndMe Wed 10-Jun-20 14:42:22

Oh no, that is crap - literally grin

I'm being subjected to a movie about kids and a dog hunting treasure hmm on Prime - wouldn't recommend it!

I bought myself some hand towels today as I'm sick of trying to keep up with the washing involved with constant cleaning of the bathrooms. Not really a treat though is it???

namechange0202 Wed 10-Jun-20 14:59:39

Isnt it grin

I’m watching place in the sun now ... if only .

Oh I love buying new towels - feel much nicer and fluffier . Never manage to keep them that way for long.

Face has calmed down a bit thankfully, hopefully surgery can come up with something . I’m waiting on chemist dropping off cocodamol in the hope that helps a bit .

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MrsJonesAndMe Wed 10-Jun-20 16:24:17

Hope you feel better soon.

Thesuzle Wed 10-Jun-20 16:27:12

Online flower delivery. Bliss

namechange0202 Thu 11-Jun-20 13:22:08

Never thought of that ! We do have a small garden but it’s very small - no grass or anything ... at least can get some fresh air though .

Struggling with family circumstances .... living with my mum and I think she would rather I’d told a lie and just carried on going out . Did the test last night, public health said might get the results tomorrow but if not it’ll be into next week .

Can just picture family’s reaction if God forbid it comes back positive, as highly unlikely as I’m sure that is .

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Bellie99 Thu 11-Jun-20 15:40:31

I did a test on Tuesday. I was texted and emailed the results last night. I was negative.

Bellie99 Thu 11-Jun-20 15:41:36

Oops hit post too early.

Hope you are feeling better. Are you able to have a bath to relax and take some time out?

kingkuta Thu 11-Jun-20 15:46:34

Have you got Netflix? Grace and Frankie is one of those shows that cheers you up, proper laugh out loud. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Crystaltree Thu 11-Jun-20 15:56:50

Clean sheets and a bedtime shower. Lie in bed and massage your face with bland cream.

namechange0202 Thu 11-Jun-20 17:49:33

Will do that . I’m struggling tonight . TMI but never had diarrhea like it, I can’t eat a thing without being in so much pain after, carries on right through til about 12 midnight and starts again at 4am . Absolutely horrendous . Considering ringing 111 tonight if it doesn’t settle, I’ve not managed to eat much at all since Saturday now .

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namechange0202 Thu 11-Jun-20 17:50:15

Yeah have got Netflix ... think that’s what I’m going to do after tea, lie in bed with boxset on and doze

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Polkadotpjs Thu 11-Jun-20 17:53:13

Hydration is so important. Can you keep drinking?

Turnedouttoes Thu 11-Jun-20 18:08:36

@namechange0202 I had those exact symptoms with severe food poisoning, I was in hospital on a drip for three days before diagnosed campylobacter from a stool sample. However I went from feeling extremely ill to totally fine in just under a week so hopefully if it is something similar you haven’t got long left.

I recommend a hot water bottle for the stomach pains or a warm bubbly bath with a box set on an iPad. Hope you feel better soon flowers

Bol87 Thu 11-Jun-20 19:44:50

Don’t dismiss dehydration OP. It’s bad. I had Hyperemesis in pregnancy last year and I was so ill from dehydration. I ended up in hospital several times being pumped full of fluid. My heart rate was through the roof & they were concerned my kidneys were starting to fail 😰 I’d go from being OK-ish to severe dehydration really quite quickly. It’s like my body just used up all its resources!

A good test bar the usual dark urine is to pinch your skin. If dehydrated, it takes ages to return to normal colour and shape. Also a white coated tongue.

I really hope you feel better soon 🙏🏼

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