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Zoos & Safari Parks to reopen from 15th June

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APurpleSquirrel Tue 09-Jun-20 23:17:28

Government will be announcing tomorrow that zoos & safari parks can reopen from Monday 15th June.

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BookSkark Tue 09-Jun-20 23:26:08

Then we're off to Whipsnade and spending as much as possible while we're there. We've already waived our membership extension and can't wait for it to reopen - I know there are mixed opinions on zoos, but I genuinely think the conservation work is important, and the many emails I've had from them during lockdown just show how much they need our custom.

DD will be DELIGHTED!!!

Hadenoughfornow Tue 09-Jun-20 23:29:35

I support this. Its a good thing.

Zoos / shops / pubs will all be open.

Yet our kids will still not be in school.

StatisticalSense Tue 09-Jun-20 23:34:03

Zoos and shops will not be open at anything like full capacity, and can only open because they are able to implement measures that allow them to operate at a safe capacity and with social distancing in place. It simply isn't possible for the majority of children to return to school with similar measures in place, both because it is unlikely that one or two staff members in a classroom will be able to maintain social distancing in the same way that parents should be able to and also due to a lack of space.

Lollypop4 Tue 09-Jun-20 23:35:30

Our local zoo has a massive indoor play area and old funfair rides, I cant see that section being open in a long time, or the outdoor play park areas?
but the zoo is a good size

ineedaholidaynow Tue 09-Jun-20 23:38:05

All these things are opening with social distancing measures in place, just like schools. Pubs and zoos will probably only have the outside areas open too.

Hadenoughfornow Tue 09-Jun-20 23:39:46

Statistical yes i don't disagree with a lit of that. But the govt should be doing all that it can to get schools open safely. Its not. They do not care about the children. Even if its only part time school, its still better than nothing.

Today they have passed the buck on schools to headteachers because they are shit and we have a PM that can't be arsed doing the job he lied and cheated his way into.

NotEverythingIsBlackandWhite Wed 10-Jun-20 00:12:44

"Zoos / shops / pubs will all be open."
Pubs aren't going to be opening now until 4th July.

Hadenoughfornow Wed 10-Jun-20 00:17:21

Pubs aren't going to be opening now until 4th July.

There is talk of pubs with gardens being able to open this month.

Even if it's 4th July, its still 2 months before schools reopen and its not even certain the poor kids will be able to return in September.

I don't know the solution. I just don't think the govt are trying very hard to come up with one.

Hadenoughfornow Wed 10-Jun-20 00:18:53

And yes I know they have limited opening now. My youngest is back part time.

Daisyhoney Wed 10-Jun-20 06:35:07

The title is 'Zoos and Safari Parks to reopen' yet it seems to have been hijacked by the 'school's can't reopen' brigade. Aren't there enough separate threads on this topic?
The reopening of zoos is the best news I've heard since the start of lockdown (massive animal lover here) and I couldn't be happier.

Hollyhead Wed 10-Jun-20 06:42:07

This has made me feel so happy, it felt like total absence of common sense to have them closed indefinitely! The boost I needed smile

Distiller91 Wed 10-Jun-20 06:45:04

Really happy to see this. My closest is Chester Zoo and they were very worried they would go under if they weren't allowed to re open soon.

Nquartz Wed 10-Jun-20 06:50:27

I welled up when I heard this, we were meant to go to Twycross in April for DD's birthday so we'll be there next weekend if we can get tickets.

They'd already planned to keep indoor areas & shops shut, cafes takeaway only. We just want to go somewhere different!

NoMoreMaths Wed 10-Jun-20 06:53:30

Oh great news. We live near Chessington and have Merlin passes so visit frequently. Has been very strange going so long without a visit.

The theme parks themselves are stating 4th July but I'll gladly visit before then just for the zoo for an hour or two for a change of scenery.

WhentheRabbitsWentWild Wed 10-Jun-20 07:01:11

Glad for the animals whose lives were at risk had they remained closed.

@NoMoreMaths . That is good to know . I was wondering about theme parks .

ThisIsMeOrIsIt Wed 10-Jun-20 07:05:50

We live near Cotswold Wildlife Park and I'm really happy it'll be opening again, even if it's just the outdoors parts. I will do some planning and go again with my toddler soon. I was worried they'd start to struggle if it was left any longer.

Reader1984 Wed 10-Jun-20 07:07:15

Great.. but how expensive are these? Please open the playgrounds!

EloiseTheFirst Wed 10-Jun-20 07:11:25

Yay! I'm so pleased.

yourmajestyqueenoftheharpies Wed 10-Jun-20 07:16:11

*Great.. but how expensive are these? Please open the playgrounds!
Oh god yes please open the playgrounds!

bloodyhellsbellsx Wed 10-Jun-20 07:53:09

Can’t wait, I’m going to try get tickets for Chester for DDs birthday next week, so happy they’ve made this decision.

CeeJay81 Wed 10-Jun-20 08:09:56

It's great that these places are opening. However what if you can't drive, I guess we can't go anywhere cause public transport is not essential. I'd rather the local playground, so my kids can go somewhere.

Mustbetimeforachange Wed 10-Jun-20 08:12:33

Thank goodness. I'm sure the zoos would have had to start culling the animals or sending them to zoos abroad soon. Please please visit your local zoo.

ChikiTIKI Wed 10-Jun-20 08:17:28

That's good. We have Chester zoo vouchers which expire in November so will be glad to use them. I assume there will be some sort of booking system to prevent overcrowding.

Can't wait!

CaptainMerica Wed 10-Jun-20 08:26:23

That's great. I hope Scotland do similar, but I think we can still only travel 5 miles for leisure until Phase 3 (currently Phase 1).

So I'd guess the number of people who could visit would probably be too small to make it worthwhile, even for city centre facilities?

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