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Options for meeting next week

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alldressedupinblue Wed 10-Jun-20 14:55:40

And thank you @Catsmother1

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alldressedupinblue Tue 09-Jun-20 19:48:49

Yes @Eyewhisker , very much so!

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Catsmother1 Tue 09-Jun-20 18:42:17

You can hang out with up to six people, so no problem. The solution to the bad weather, if you have a garden, is to get a shelter off amazon. That’s what we did, so our daughter could see her boyfriend. It’s 4x4 m, so big enough to hang out under with chairs and table. Ours was about £50, but there were cheaper options.

Eyewhisker Tue 09-Jun-20 18:35:14

Has she asked you for advice?

TheGreatWave Tue 09-Jun-20 18:29:00

Sorry no. Trying to do too many things at once. Fine to go shopping.

TheGreatWave Tue 09-Jun-20 18:28:19


alldressedupinblue Tue 09-Jun-20 17:55:19

Please don't flame me, I truly don't know the answer to this!

My sister was seeing a guy for a couple of weeks pre-lockdown. They are desperate to see each other.

When shops open next week, can they go shopping together if they keep distant? There won't be any cafes (I believe) and the weather forecast is terrible so no picnic.

I'm not going to suggest garden distancing for the same reason. She and I can't think of anything else to do as a date!

Should I advise her to wait a couple more weeks?

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