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Holidays, to not go abroad, just for this year.

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mummmy2017 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:00:55

I know everyone wants a break, but I really feel this year staying in the UK makes far more sense.
We should get a nice warm summer, the virus risk and insurance worries about getting home if something happens make staying local a better idea, and the money we could put back into our own economy.

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SummerHouse Tue 09-Jun-20 14:05:14

You had me at 'nice' OP.

Greenteandchives Tue 09-Jun-20 14:07:16

Well seeing as I’ve now had my late September holiday cancelled by the TA, I won’t be going anywhere abroad for the foreseeable.

HairyFloppins Tue 09-Jun-20 14:08:08

I don't want to go on holiday in this country. Especially the places that have been so hostile.

So I'll stay in my garden until I can fly somewhere nice.

mummmy2017 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:11:11

I just think this year being safe outweighs the foreign holiday.
I am saving to go on a nicer holiday next year, and have just written 2020 off.
We will do days out and visit family when able.
I really wanted to go to a zoo this year, but even that looks off the cards.

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usernotfound0000 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:11:55

We're still hoping to go away but only because we booked pre-Covid. I don't think I'd be looking at booking a new holiday though.

countrygirl99 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:15:23

What makes you think we will get a nice warm summer?

Concerned7777 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:21:42

I'd be happy to go on a holiday abroad or in the UK as long as all the facilities are open as normal. Dont fancy going anywhere that pools and parks aren't open for the children or restaurants and bars either not open or only partially open meaning waiting around for tables to become available.

howdidwegetheremary Tue 09-Jun-20 14:30:51

don't want to go on holiday in this country. Especially the places that have been so hostile

I’ve heard a lot of people saying the same about certain places.

reinacorriendo Tue 09-Jun-20 14:56:24

I’d go abroad if it was running as usual. If not I’ll go next year, don’t fancy a holiday over hereZ. We cancelled our 11 night holiday, but will rebook it’s things rapidly change

Plump82 Tue 09-Jun-20 15:08:09

Im due to fly out 28th Aug. Some days i think itll happen and id be happy to go but in all honesty the 14 day quarantine, air bridges, Spains refusal to let us in means im 99% sure im not going. And im in Scotland, we dont get nice summers!

WhiteChocTwix Tue 09-Jun-20 15:38:43

Due to fly to Greece for 10 days right at the end of August. If Greece allows us in, and hotels, bars, shops and beaches are open we'll be going! If BA cancel our flights the hotels are free cancellation up to a week before we're due to stay. We can probably manage the quarantine if we need to. We had to take 5 separate flights to get home from our trip to Asia at the start of the year, hopefully Greece wouldn't be complex an itinerary!

Orangeblossom78 Tue 09-Jun-20 15:44:34

What makes you think other countries would be more welcome? some aren't even taking holiday makers from the UK

usernotfound0000 Tue 09-Jun-20 15:47:17

Orangeblossom78 quite a few European countries rely heavily on UK tourists and are desperate to get us back. We're due to go to Portugal, they are apparently in discussion over forming an air bridge. We are booked to stay in a private villa with a pool, beaches and restaurants are alreasy opeing up over there, so if we are allowed to go, we definitely will be.

Orangeblossom78 Tue 09-Jun-20 15:57:25

I know that, I am just saying that underneath they might not feel that happy about it.

frozendaisy Tue 09-Jun-20 16:00:51

We were going to go Italy for Easter, yep that didn't happen, but now as you only live once saving saving but got our sights set on Costa Rica as soon as they let us. Happy to go UK camping this summer if pools/bars are open otherwise it's not a holiday as such.

Orangeblossom78 Tue 09-Jun-20 16:02:24

"How will they react this summer on all of those clean, safe, low-infection Greek islands, to hordes of Brits spilling out of their ferries? They’ll be like medieval monks on Lindisfarne greeting the Norse. Remember all of those stories from early March, about how unpleasant it suddenly was to be ethnically Chinese and in the West? That’ll be you, with your British numberplate, pulling into a campsite in the Dordogne. Good luck, also, in the bars. Perhaps it’s time to start working on that Kiwi accent"


MadameButterface Tue 09-Jun-20 16:06:09

op, just checking that you know holidays aren't compulsory and some people never go abroad at all?

HairyFloppins Tue 09-Jun-20 16:06:40

Good luck, also, in the bars. Perhaps it’s time to start working on that Kiwi accent"

I'll go to the USA they always think I sound Australian whenever we go grin

timeforawine Tue 09-Jun-20 16:09:50

If my flight is going in August i'll be on it. I'm not spending my holiday in the UK, if it gets cancelled i'll save my money for next year and will just take time of work to stay home and relax while my daughter goes to nursery/school

simonisnotme Tue 09-Jun-20 16:12:15

as long as the pubs can open and the weathers warm and dry ish we will be camping as normal in Devon this year
who wants to go abroad to be alienated because of being a Brit and possibly quarantined as well

Orangeblossom78 Tue 09-Jun-20 16:16:10

It would be flying for me I think; it is stressful anyway without the extra hassle of masks etc and risk as well. Imagine getting the virus on holiday- not good.

trappedsincesundaymorn Tue 09-Jun-20 16:45:05

I ,for 1, can't wait to get on a plane to spend the three weeks I was supposed to have visiting my sister. The sooner the better, at least I'd be guaranteed better weather and an almost deserted beach.

Nihiloxica Tue 09-Jun-20 16:52:31

I'd like my children to spend some time this year in a country that doesn't consider them filthy disease vectors that should be locked up forever, so we'll be on the first plane out of here to pretty much wherever will take us.

Minniee Tue 09-Jun-20 16:57:45

I love holidays in the sun, don't mind where but it's got to be baking.

I'll be on a flight once we can get on one.

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