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Non-returning primary year groups

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Springhere Mon 08-Jun-20 22:57:10

The government has stopped mentioning the idea of all primary year groups returning for a month before summer, so I'm guessing this is now highly unlikely (and logistically impossible for many schools given the social distancing rules). Has anyone had any communication from their primary school about this?

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BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 08-Jun-20 22:59:59

No, sadly I think it's likely it'll be September but I've just seen elsewhere on here that Gavin Williamson is addressing Parliament tomorrow about the wider opening of schools. It's 11:30, but over 20 questions before his bit so probably 12/12:30 before he speaks.

MrsBlondie Mon 08-Jun-20 23:02:02

Not heard a thing. Y2 DD and she really needs school. I suspect September sadly

UndertheCedartree Mon 08-Jun-20 23:02:23

My DD's primary is only going to be ready to open to Nursery and EY on Wednesday and Y1 on the 22nd. They don't think they'll have capacity for Y6. So I think the chance of any other years going back this term are 0 unfortunately.

Letseatgrandma Mon 08-Jun-20 23:02:51

Primary schools haven’t had any further guidance as nice on reopening, though there does appear to be an announcement on schools tomorrow.

I can’t see many schools being able to reopen any further unless all vulnerable staff members are told to return immediately and social distancing is scrapped.

TeaInTheGarden Mon 08-Jun-20 23:04:31

I’m so angry that they said it and then haven’t mentioned it since. Got our hopes up then stopped talking about it. That months would have to start very soon. I’m still hoping they will get in at some point before summer. Possibly a change to 1m social distancing to facilitate it....
I’m aware I’m being hopeful but it’s all that’s getting me through this horrid situation.

Springhere Mon 08-Jun-20 23:07:53

@MrsBlondie I have a y2 dd who is terribly missing school. She is in a small school with mixed age classes, which means that some children in her class (including her two closest friends) have been able to return but others haven't. I was so hoping she would have a few days at school before summer but I can't see it happening.

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Letseatgrandma Mon 08-Jun-20 23:08:57

Possibly a change to 1m social distancing to facilitate it....

That would make very little difference in my school.

The only way we could have any other year groups in is if the staff that can’t return yet (because they have shielding letters or Someone they live with does), are told they’re back to school ASAP.

Eccle80 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:13:17

I can’t see it happening when many schools are not even able to accommodate the year groups already back. It is sad they have forgotten about the children in transition years who aren’t in a 2 tier system, like my year 4

GoingtotheWinchester Mon 08-Jun-20 23:15:54

Interesting that there’s going to be an announcement - I wouldn’t rule out further change before the end of July. I’m a Y5 teacher and desperate to get my kids back before summer!

TokyoSushi Mon 08-Jun-20 23:19:31

Mine are in Yr 2 and Yr4. I've pretty much given up hope now of anything before September and probably even then not back to how it was.

I'll watch tomorrow's announcement with interest.

TeaInTheGarden Mon 08-Jun-20 23:20:31


Yes that sounds tricky. However I’m sure this is a situation many other professions have found solutions to. There must be shielding doctors, nurses, supermarket staff, delivery drivers etc etc. It only seems to be teachers in this situation we hear about though and I can’t figure out why.

TeaInTheGarden Mon 08-Jun-20 23:23:41

I think the worst thing is not being able to say to our kids “hopefully you’re going back on .... date”
We just know nothing and it’s so unfair.
We know more about the reopening of pubs, primark, ikea etc, and that is absolutely disgraceful in my opinion.

Oh and I’m fed up of the jokes on the news “kids will be delighted to hear schools could be disrupted till (insert random month here)”
My kids are missing school and their fiends terribly, and there are so many kids out there suffering hugely as a result of this. It’s not a laughing matter.

Iggi999 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:25:01

A shielding delivery driver might mean amazon recruits more drivers, or it takes a bit longer for your delivery. A shielding teacher can't be so easily replaced and no one wants their children sitting in a primary class waiting while the teacher finishes with the class next door.

ChippityDoDa Mon 08-Jun-20 23:25:48

I’ve given up hope of anything before sept for my year 2. Our Head has told us privately (after we complained about the lack of support) that if rules don’t change considerably then they can’t see how to get years 2-5 back before Xmas.
I am running a letter writing campaign to local MP and Education secretary to push for a strategy for September. Please feel free to message me for a copy of the letter template. We must rise up in support of our children, they have been utterly let down and forgotten.

StayAlert Mon 08-Jun-20 23:25:56

DS's headteacher has said he can only take the planned yR/1/6 under the current guidelines (10 kids per classroom etc) because there's not enough space in the school to take other year groups

Bunnybigears Mon 08-Jun-20 23:27:38

DS2 is in year 5 his school have said they are not expecting any other years apart from yr6 yr1 and reception back before September.

cabbageking Mon 08-Jun-20 23:30:07

The ambition for all children to return is under review. Unless the scientific data drastically changed and figures drop, the children can't return.

TeaInTheGarden Mon 08-Jun-20 23:30:09

There are loads of options for recruiting teachers for temporary/short term contracts.
If there’s a genuine national shortage of teachers who are able to teach then yes it should be addressed, but the government could do this.
Trainee teachers about to graduate for example, supply staff who are known to schools, there’s lots like this. There must be loads of agency staff desperate for work.
Bottom line is the kids deserve better than this.

SophieGiroux Mon 08-Jun-20 23:32:36

I had an email today from school to say if you're a key worker you should send your child into school (any year) even if you are able to keep them at home. Before it was only if you had no one to look after them.

Sev72 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:33:28

It would be quite nice for the kids to go back for perhaps one day before the end of term it only to see their friends and see their class teacher for one last time. Could they not do this class by class outdoors if the weather is ok? I think educating them is not the priority for the next month but protecting their mental health prior to another 6 week periods away from school would be a good idea.

Iggi999 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:35:07

Teainthegarden do you work in education? During the flu season you can't get enough supply so I'm impressed if there are loads around. Agree newly qualified staff an option. Not sure what the other options are though.

Rosie2000 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:41:48

One issue is that teachers returning to school are now using up keyworker places for their own children, that they previously either didn’t need to use or used only when in school on a rota. My younger children are back in school now as I’m back in from next week (secondary). Previously they were normally at home with me. It is a huge undertaking to get even limited numbers back. The work going on ‘behind the scenes’ is immense and please know that we want all our classes back in school sad. However, I think the likelihood is that this will be the reality for a while. It is very hard for the children, of all ages, parents, teachers, premises etc.

TeaInTheGarden Mon 08-Jun-20 23:44:51

I’m a secondary teacher yes- although to be fair I’ve not worked in school for a good few years as home with the kids.

Iggi999 Tue 09-Jun-20 00:04:50

Well there's an option! Qualified teachers like you back in the classroom. Would you be game?

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