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Things you wish you'd known...

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Lolimax Mon 08-Jun-20 19:30:22

I really wish I'd known how long lockdown would start for really shallow reasons! I'd have had semi permanent lashes done and had my hair cut really short.
I'd have also insisted my DS came home from uni. He stayed in his house with his mates and his mental health has definitely suffered.

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palacegirl77 Mon 08-Jun-20 19:32:10

Id have stockpiled resources from school - I cant read the same Biff and Kipper books anymore! Id have raided the library!

middleager Mon 08-Jun-20 19:33:42

I wish I'd known that I couldn't see my mom for months.
I'd have driven down that day I was umming and ah-ing about the motorway journey, the day I decided to wait a while, and hugged her.
Hope your son gets some support OP.

Bluebell1995 Mon 08-Jun-20 19:33:59

That volunteering to be redeployed in the NHS on the front line would give me no benefit other than exhausting myself and putting my family at risk. While the rest of my colleagues safely sat on their arses and gave zero support.

pfrench Mon 08-Jun-20 20:16:04

I'm a prepper, so I was well organised in terms of things like entertainment, food, meds, school equipment for home, printer ink etc.

I would have organised garden furniture for earlier delivery. Erm, we'd have got the hedge at the back planted earlier too, so it was actual decent screening.

nex18 Mon 08-Jun-20 20:47:38

I’d have gone out all weekend of the 20-22 March.

totallyyesno Mon 08-Jun-20 20:49:06

I wish I'd gone to see my mum at Christmas. I haven't seen her since August and won't for a while yet.

Redolent Mon 08-Jun-20 20:59:13

Not much tbh. New stuff has cropped up like the dentist that I couldn’t have predicted.

I remember a thread on this that was rubbished a bit:

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