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Sense of smell and taste

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twittawoo3 Mon 08-Jun-20 16:37:40

Hello, can anyone who's had the loss of taste and smell due to coronavirus explain how it started? Was it just an all of a sudden thing or did it gradually happen? I was eating something earlier and realised I could neither smell or taste it but then I could smell things 5 mins later..
Thank you!

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oralengineer Mon 08-Jun-20 19:31:07

I have had loss of sense of smell since late Feb ( possible Covid) my sense of taste was very noticeable but came back fairly quickly.
I can smell things but only when they are right up under my nose. I have noticed that over the last week or so I can smell food cooking but have regularly burnt food because I haven’t been able to smell it cooking.

findingschools4myboys Mon 08-Jun-20 21:13:33

Mine came on overnight about 1,5 weeks post first symptoms. Hubby same. Mine came back slowly after about 2-3 weeks. My hubby can still not smell and barely taste 12 weeks later!

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